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From WhatsApp Community: Mangi, Goan, East Indian

Mangi, East Indian or Goan

You are a Mangy if…..
1. Sunday morning breakfast has to be “neer dosa”
2. Konkani is never spoken, always sung.
3. You’re always looking to marry a Goan or an East Indian.
4. Every other Mangy is a far off relation.
5. You’re falling over each other to get sausages from Goa.
6. Your brother-in-law is called “Bhoji”
7. A festival is incomplete without “sannas”
8. Every sentence must start with a “kaale gi” and end with a “oui gi”
9. You must speak English in public, even if it is 14 carat.
10. You always eat yesterdays curry the next day and call it "kaalchi kadi"

You Know You are an East Indian (EI) when ….. 1. Anywhere you go surnames like Buthello, Pereira, D’monte, Gomes, Correa, Creado, Gonsalves, D’Lima surface
2. You have Lonvas curry at least once a week. Bottle masala is used in atleast two dishes a week and of course your family has the best Bottle Masala recipe.
3. Your Grandfather owned half of Bandra at some stage
4. Your mum is a member of the ladies sodality and has a favorite padri
5. No one makes better milk cream or marzipan than your mum.
6. East Indian Sorpotel is superior to Goan Sorpotel.
7. An occasion is incomplete without “Phoogyas”.
8. You wonder why others don’t say Dis for this and Dat for that!!
9. As a kid you were forcibly taken to the Bandra gym for Xmas parties

PS: Your Goan friends love to hang out around you !!!

1. No matter where you go in the world you will find another goan named D’Costa, Mascharenhas, D’Souza, Fernandes, Monteiro or Rodrigues.
2. You have six middle names, most of which you can’t pronounce.
3. You have annoying nicknames like Petus, Babush (or Busha), Bostiao, Forsulo or Popot!
4. You are really confused if you are Portuguese….. !
5. You call everybody who is brown and not goan “bintkar” and make fun of them in konkani.
6. You interject “what”, “man”, and “re”(ray) in every line of your conversation
7. You show you are listening to the conversation by saying “really?!” or “what youre saying”
8. You call an older person you’ve never met before “uncle” or “auntie” everyone is a family friend
9. You make tea in a saucepan and have it in a coffee mug
10. You eat onions with everything
11. You see pictures of the Caribbean and you say “it’s just like Goa”
12. You go back to Goa and people treat you like a member of the royal family
13. You are comfortable going back for a holiday in May just to sample the mangoes, jackfruits, cantons, bibics, and the dodol. 14. You wash your butt quickly when you hear the pig grunting.