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27th Week Thursday - Oct 11

27th Week, Ordinary Time, Thursday, 11-10-18
Galatians 3:1-5 / Luke 11:5-13

Whenever if comes to offering hospitality or rendering a service, there is this unspoken but understood social etiquette to be observed (at least in the local context).
We are not obliged to offer hospitality or render a service at all costs and without a limit.

On the other hand, we can't demand hospitality or a service on our own terms and expect others to render it unconditionally.

The parable in today's gospel can be difficult to understand and accept whether we put ourselves in the shoes of the man who is in bed inside the house or the one who is at the door requesting for bread.

In terms of social etiquette, there is no obligation to give unconditionally and there is the need to know the inconvenience caused by our request, whether reasonable or otherwise.

But if such social "laws and norms" are to be adhered, then there will be no one who go out of their way to help or serve those who are in need.

In the 1st reading, St. Paul asked this question: Was it because you practised the Law that you received the Spirit, or because you believed what was preached to you?

Yes, we need to know what is stated in the Law, but we also need to be opened to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

God gives us the Holy Spirit freely so that we will dare to ask and be given, we will go on searching and we will find, and we will keep knocking till the door is opened.

With God nothing is impossible. We just have to let the Holy Spirit lead us to ask, seek and knock. (SY)