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UCA Asia News - Feb 14

Vatican-sponsored program stressed the Church's compassionate mission for those sick and suffering
Chiang Mai rehabilitation center offers shelter, support and new skills to offenders
Prayers are answered for northeastern Christians who feared new law would threaten their identity
Karenni injured by rubber bullets in protest over statue of Aung San Suu Kyi's general father
Catholic lawyer, Gloria Jharna Sarker, becomes only the third Christian to sit in the country's Lower House of parliament
Duterte proposal to rename country is dismissed as 'another musing of an old man'
If the plantations can't afford a daily wage of 1,000 rupees, let alone other basic rights, it's time for new management
Human Rights Watch accuses generals of 'heavy-handed rule' as general election approaches
Govt covers up failure to rein in criminal syndicates by blaming children for their crimes
They were each given 17 lashes as hundreds watched on
Relic of patron saint of sick, doctors, and nurses is in the country for two months