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UCA Asia News - Aug 16

Ministers call for Zakir Naik to be expelled but struggle to find anyone who will take him
Church reiterates support for those targeted with sedition and other charges by the authorities
Bengali-speaking jihadists threaten to attack foreigners, religious minorities and politicians
UN envoy’s visit sparks condemnation of how little has been achieved by government’s inquiry
People in restive Indonesian region believe dark forces are behind recent deaths of bishop, several priests
Indonesian High Court adds extra year to Irwandi Yusuf's 7-year sentence for accepting bribes
Muslim residents of the city of Baguio offer to guard Christian churches against terrorist threats
Now it's being spelled out to them in four 'Universal Apostolic Preferences'
Catholics need to provide 'faith news' not 'fake news,’ bishop says
Pro-democracy protests are the most serious challenge to the Communist Party's authority since Tiananmen Square massacre
Protests have rocked the city for 10 weeks and show no indication of fading