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UCA Asia News - Sept 10

After becoming Beijing's puppet, Hong Kong's Catholic leader cannot be confident of her place in heaven
Church leaders say the arrests in Jharkhand are part of a politically motivated campaign
There is nothing special about 'subjugation' of the country by Spanish colonizers, Philippine president says
UN involvement sought in Indonesia's Papua region, uncertainty surrounds actual number of those who have died
After pope announces new cardinals, he is being accused of 'stacking the deck' with cronies and outsiders
Thousands of insurgents begin turning in weapons as 2014 part of peace deal with government
Nearly two million non-Hindus face jail or deportation if they can't prove citizenship
First-hand accounts of how climate change has wrecked lives and warnings of more to come
Pakistan's human rights minister tells Vatican diplomat 'fears of ethnic cleansing'
Food, essentials and shelter are provided for thousands of people in five swamped provinces
Aim is to protect the environment and the rights of tribal communities from Australian-Canadian company
An inside look at how Hong Kongers are rising up against mainland Chinese rule
Members of a stateless minority are being forced to leave their floating villages