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UCA Asia News - Sept 13

Church people say the charges were fabricated amid a hostile atmosphere toward local Christians
Official paper insists religious groups must toe the party line and practice core socialist values
Ethnic Karen man campaigned for the rights of Christian forest dwellers before he disappeared in 2014
Magsaysay awardee Raymundo Pujante Cayabyab melodies inspires 'every Filipino to dream of a better world'
Residents call for clear information about health risks from 'human disaster' in Hanoi
Interfaith leaders join opposition against parliamentary bid to amend laws on how Corruption Eradication Commission is run
Archbishop da Silva thanks Pope Francis for his trust in the local Church
Pro-Hindu BJP opposes Andhra Pradesh chief minister's move to provide a monthly allowance
Late leader oversaw country's transition from dictatorship under Suharto to democracy
The effects on millions of tourists above and below water
Members of a stateless minority are being forced to leave their floating villages