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UCA Asia News - Nov 27

After languishing in an Indian jail on flimsy murder charges for more than a decade, all are free at last
Prosecutor hails 'shredding of national shame' after court verdict on Islamic militants
National Council of Churches expresses alarm and shock at being listed as a backer of communist rebels
Despite democracy advocates' huge poll victory, more protests are planned for the weekend
Anniversary march marks Muslim protests that ended in Jakarta's former Christian governor being jailed
Uttar Pradesh proposes new law that religious fear will allow Hindus to persecute minority groups
Most court cases arise because 160 million people are crammed into a small country
Pontiff tells media on flight home that he will formalize condemnation of nuclear weapons possession
One was accused of supporting a multi-party democracy, criticizing communism and protesting China
Mairinisha Abuduaini is demanding the Chinese authorities release the father of her two children
Pope Francis sends a message urging young Catholics to love their families, church and nation