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UCA Asia News - Dec 4

Catholic Church's social service wing helps farmers in the Muslim-majority state face the vagaries of climate change
Doubts cast over Da Nang's claim that two missionaries played big roles in forming Vietnamese script
Cardinal Ranjith calls for voters to choose specialists committed to spiritual and economic development
Muslim gathering wants ex-president's daughter, everyone involved in at least 20 cases jailed for insulting Islam
Hundreds take to Manila's streets to voice fears ahead of a United Nations Climate Change Conference in Spain
Up to 30 members of nine-year-old's family demand to know why police have not made an arrest despite 'clear evidence'
Group run by nuns helps people to overcome unfounded fears of the virus and live a good life
Fearing social ostracism, many patients keep their infection and treatment secret
Argentinian missionary says misunderstanding remains the basic issue between Catholics and Protestants
Thousands of mostly black-clad protesters return to the streets of tourist district Tsim Sha Tsui
Pope Francis sends a message urging young Catholics to love their families, church and nation