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UCA ASIA News - May 14

China is using the contagion as a pretext to push for greater control of the fractious territory
Father Ambray says he is being branded a 'bringer of evil' for helping tribal people fight for their rights

David Lah is quarantined in a hotel after being treated in hospital for Covid-19

While the scheme could help industries, its implementation may not directly reach millions of poor

Faiths come together to create opportunities for disabled children to be brought up and educated well

Plane belonging to Christian charity crashes while taking medical supplies to health workers in Papua province

Archbishop Goh calls for people to support the church's charitable work during the pandemic

Charitable citizens set up food cabinets on the streets to help people struggling in the Covid-19 crisis

It would be dangerous and irresponsible to ostracize China over the coronavirus pandemic

Actor will be remembered for adding local culture and color to the Indonesian Church

Bangladeshi shipbreakers thrive at the cost of workers and the environment

Father Michael Kelly recalls how he started helping Pakistanis fleeing religious persecution

Rickshaw pullers and ferry workers struggle for survival in eerily quiet Dhaka