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UCA Asia News - May 15

Under the bad example of their masters, the Chinese people have lost their traditional virtues
A heavy-handed response to the pandemic has condemned millions to poverty
Government and church authorities say Ambo is an added burden amid the pandemic
Sweeping changes now need the president's assent to become law
Small and marginalized communities are being deprived of aid and stimulus packages
Maryknoll priest adjusts to teaching medical ethics in Japan during the Covid-19 pandemic
Commission calls for an end to human rights abuses on Chinese fishing vessels
Lawyer submits fresh evidence that he hopes will clear a man convicted of murder
Community urges the government to respect the burial rites of the religious minority
One Body, One Spirit life movement holds blood donation event in Myeongdong
Italy resumes public worship after the government and bishops sign an agreement
In the past four years, income and expenses have been constant, with expenses averaging 320 million euros
Universities have been empowered to allow students not to sit exams in person in June
Father Michael Kelly recalls how he started helping Pakistanis fleeing religious persecution
Rickshaw pullers and ferry workers struggle for survival in eerily quiet Dhaka