UCA Asia News - Jun 24

Duterte spokesperson says red-tagging of Sister Mary John Mananzan is permitted under freedom of speech
A Catholic ex-religious brother fights to gain recognition as a woman in conservative Indonesia
Campuses should be nurseries of academic debate and critical thinking. Sadly, that's not the case
Protestant church in Jharkhand is vandalized after Christian missionaries were accused of conversion
Peaceful activist posted on Facebook about the country's political situation and social problems
Ruteng prelate rebuffs top official's plea to back plans for a limestone quarry in his diocese
Religious minorities are being ignored, says former Punjab minority affairs minister
No foreigners can take jobs this year as the government gives priority to unemployed Malaysians
Rights groups decry a rise in child casualties as ceasefire calls are ignored by the government and armed groups
Father Joseph Lobo warns that Christianity has been used to prop up nationalism
Pandemic highlights problems in the education system as the country's digital divide widens
Saudi Arabia faces a tough decision on whether to hold the annual hajj pilgrimage
The Covid-19 pandemic could be a catalyst for the Church to promote simple weddings
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem addressed rumors and criticism concerning the sale of some of its properties in Nazareth
Covid-19 has led to more children being trafficked for cheap labor because their families cannot afford to feed them
Patients are being turned away by hospitals as coronavirus cases continue to surge