UCA Asia News - Jul 18

Robin Vadakkumcherry petitions court for two-months parole to marry the girl who gave birth to his child
Doctored Facebook pages were used to stoke religious tensions and violence, often with motives of land grabbing
Fears controversial law could be used to prevent oppressed ethnic group from casting ballots in Nov. 8 poll
'Unacceptable' cutting of 54 pine trees by developer sparks uproar among church and local authorities
Plea bargain sees court let Muslim conference attendees return home after being blamed for spreading Covid-19 in the country
It's hardly professional to issue contradictory advice on the excuse that situations change as we learn more about the virus
Ursuline Sister Irene Handayani's calling to help victims of injustice, poor remains as stong as ever
Charities offer aid and hope to Bangladesh's poor and needy regardless of faith as the country reels from pandemic
Most Japanese would not want the Olympics to be held in Tokyo even next year
Widespread outrage as footage spreads of heavy-handed removal of husband and wife from 'government' land
In our prayer, God makes the seemingly impossible to happen. The seed of good flourishes and the world is leavened. All we need to do is to pray. But how?