UCA Asia News - Sept 2

A plan to ensure the primacy of Mandarin Chinese is in lockstep with programs in Tibet and Xinjiang
Case follows Amnesty International's call for a repeal of Pakistan's harsh blasphemy laws
General election is 'part of our long pilgrimage to democracy'
Doctors and nurses taking care of Covid-19 patients are modern-day heroes, they say
Pranab Mukherjee praised for 'political statesmanship, moral integrity and fine oratorical skills'
Family of George Rumbino say he was beaten and shot while in police custody
At least 176 people have died and hundreds have been injured in recent flash floods
Supreme Court said criticism of judges brought shame on the administration of justice
Archbishop Shaw announces cancellation of Pakistan's famous three-day pilgrimage to stem Covid-19
Cardinal Yeom believes we must 'spread a culture of respect for life in our society'
Social media giant partners Mekong River Commission to provide early-warning systems
Church must do more to stop these violations of international law and crimes against humanity
Time to save the planet will run out fast if we don't revert to renewable energy sources now
The surprise resignation of the long-serving prime minister has sent shockwaves through Japan's political establishment
After fleeing persecution in Myanmar, the refugees are making new lives in difficult conditions