Identity and Generativity - Continuum of Life - Videos

If I summarize Erik Erikson's stages of development for a person, it would mean one's "Integrity" is one's ability to balance between one's "Identity" and one's "Generativity". The stages are detailed elsewhere in this blog and summarized below.

The two videos below are shown here to indicate how we share this from nature itself.

Tiger and Bear Cub - Protecting oneself:

Leopard and the little Monkey - Mother Instinct in Nature:


Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson describes the physical, emotional and psychological stages of development and relates specific issues, or developmental work or tasks, to each stage. For example, if an infant's physical and emotional needs are met sufficiently, the infant completes his/her task -- developing the ability to trust others. However, a person who is stymied in an attempt at task mastery may go on to the next state but carries with him or her the remnants of the unfinished task. For instance, if a toddler is not allowed to learn by doing, the toddler develops a sense of doubt in his or her abilities, which may complicate later attempts at independence. Similarly, a preschooler who is made to feel that the activities he or she initiates are bad may develop a sense of guilt that inhibits the person later in life.
Trust vs Mistrust
Needs maximum comfort with minimal uncertainty
to trust himself/herself, others, and the environment
Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt
Works to master physical environment while maintaining
Initiative vs Guilt
Begins to initiate, not imitate, activities; develops
conscience and sexual identity
School-Age Child
Industry vs Inferiority
Tries to develop a sense of self-worth by refining skills
Identity vs Role Confusion
Tries integrating many roles (child, sibling, student, athlete,
worker) into a self-image under role model and peer pressure
Young Adult
Intimacy vs Isolation
Learns to make personal commitment to another as
spouse, parent or partner
Middle-Age Adult
Generativity vs Stagnation
Seeks satisfaction through productivity in career, family, and
civic interests
Older Adult
Integrity vs Despair
Reviews life accomplishments, deals with loss
and preparation for death