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UCA Asia News - Jul 13

Father Rudy Romano is among at least 2,000 people to fall victim to enforced disappearances since the 1970s
Christian activists doubt that capital punishment can halt the country's sexual abuse crisis

US cybersecurity group says espionage network is targeting Phnom Penh ahead of polls

Experts warn provision in proposed law will not guarantee that people respect it

Many locals in the Muslim-majority state welcome the Hindu influx and condemn past violent attacks

Hundreds of participants are being asked to rekindle the spirit of the historic Panglong Agreement

Thousands of Catholics earlier gathered to support them as well as to pray for justice and peace

Bishop Cerilo Casicas succeeds Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez of Marbel

More than 8,000 attend events to mark new diocese, bishop's ordination and 350th anniversary

Mahathir must clean up the mess he made in paving the way for 'democracy lite' and effect real change through the rule of law