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23rd Week Wednesday

23rd Week, Ordinary Time, Wednesday, 12-09-18
1 Cor 7:25-31 / Luke 6:20-26

The book "Tuesdays with Morrie" is certainly a good read as it gives the reader many reflections about life and relationships.

It is about a young journalist and his college professor who is dying from an illness.

The thoughts and reflections from the old man slowly changed the thoughts and reflections of the young journalist as he gained new perspectives from a dying man who had seen much of life.

In the 1st reading, St. Paul gave perspectives that might sound out of this world. But it may also sound like perspectives that we come to the end of this world.

St. Paul said things like "Our time is growing short", "the world that we know it is passing away".

It was from that perspective that he gave his thoughts and reflections about life, marriage, celibacy.

In the gospel, Jesus gave a teaching on life and happiness. His teaching may sound like out of this world.

But again it is a teaching that we will understand when we look at it from the end of this world perspective.

Because when we come to the end of our time in this world, what matters is not wealth, food or pleasure.

When that time comes, we want to be blessed with peace and joy. That blessing is ours when we start to live our lives in love for God and others. Let us not wait till our last day to do that.

To say that we have quite a lot of faith in ourselves is not an over-statement.

For example, we set the alarm clock the night before even though there is no guarantee that we will see the sunrise the next morning.

We plan so much for our future security as if we know what is going to happen to us in the future.

Surely, we need to plan for the future, or at least for the next day, but the reality is that we won't know how things will turn out in the future and how much of the future we will live to see.

When St. Paul, in the 1st reading, talked about the issues regarding celibacy, marriage, about enjoying life and getting engrossed with the world, he had this to say - "the world as we know it is passing away".

For him, in his own opinion, the "time is short" and he expected the Lord Jesus to return soon and hence all human activity was to be geared in preparation for that occasion.

Hence, he gave his views about marriage, about being single, about life and about world affairs.

Although the Lord Jesus did not return as soon as he expected, nonetheless St. Paul's exhortation about the time being short and that the world as we know is passing away needs to be heeded.

So whether we are happy or sad, contented or in need, rich or poor, rejoicing or mourning, it will only be for a short time and it will also pass away.

And when all things have passed, only these three remain: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.
 May our love for God be the foundation of our faith for the future. (SY)