Vatican Dossier - Nov 8

General Audience

‘Creation’s Goods Are Meant for Whole Human Race,’ Pope Reflects on 7th Commandment on General Audience

‘The example of Christ, who, though rich became poor for our sake, reveals the true meaning and purpose of all wealth: it stands at the service of love, freedom and human dignity’
Pope and Holy See

Pope Requests We Pray for Him on Feast of Dedication of Rome’s Lateran Basilica

Prays That He May Be Able to ‘Always Confirm the Brothers in the Faith”
General Audience

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On the 7th Commandment: ‘Thou Shall Not Steal’ (FULL TEXT)

‘It’s worthwhile to open oneself to a broader reading of This Commandment, focusing the subject of the property of goods in the light of Christian wisdom’

The Order of the Holy Sepulcher: Support the Church in the Holy Land

Presentation of the Five-Year Assembly in the Vatican
Pope and Holy See

May Life Be a Time to Love, Not Have or Possess, Pope Suggests Reflecting on 7th Commandment

Holy Father Reflects on Lord’s Commandment Not to Steal at General Audience with Pilgrims from the Middle East
Catholic Church

Kazakhstan: Small Catholic Community Grows

Growth is Both Interior and Exterior
World Days

The Theme of the 2019 World Day of Peace is ‘Good Politics at the Service of Peace’

‘Political Responsibility Belongs to Every Citizen’
Catholic Church

Pope Francis’ Message to the Bishops of France

‘Promote a Culture of Encounter at the Heart of French Society
Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Yemen: Save the Children Health Facility Attacked

Agency Pleas for End to Fighting