UCA Asia News - Dec 8

Professor at Catholic university apologizes on social media and promises to quit taking amphetamine
Prosecutor says court is in process of validating at least 52 complaints against Philippine leader

Provincial minister Yogi Adityanath foments anti-Muslim sentiment, tells voters to side with BJP to Hinduize city names

Sister accuses govt, church of not being proactive enough following a sharp rise in cases

Peace prevails 26 years after deadly clashes sparked by demolition of mosque but Hindu mobs make Muslims fear for lives

Regular donations from parenting group Gotaus ensure students at minor seminaries receive physical and spiritual nourishment

Reported figure of nearly 300 this year is believed to be understated because deaths are often hushed up

Undefeated by typhoon, villagers prepare to fully celebrate the festive season again

Parents can prevent abuse by developing caring relationships with their offspring in early childhood

Jharkhand plans to remove tribal status and benefits from people who join other faiths

Lay group calls on Catholics to make a stand and defend the faith

Luxury car to go up for grabs online after auction sale falls through

Advent is the season in which the church recommits itself to living a great adventure

Thousands of Muslims mark the second anniversary of a huge protest to demand the arrest of then Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama