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UCA Asia News - Mar 14

After 11 relatives died in a bus crash, Father Digal found himself shunned by parishioners in Odisha state
Catholics, Muslims and ethnic Chinese have borne the brunt of the bloc's failure to act
Independence sentiment is growing in Xinjiang as Turkic Muslims reach breaking point under totalitarian repression
Moderate Muslims say the caliphate-seeking Hizb ut-Tahrir has morphed into new outfit called the Islamic Royatul Community
Authorities block news conference to recount plight of 100 households who lost their land in Ho Chi Minh City
While other countries refuse to take back citizens who supported Islamic State, KL is offering its people rehabilitation
Initiatives of Philippine church organizations aim to 'localize' humanitarian aid response
With upcoming elections, it's now or never for these disadvantaged groups to pressure for change
We are now disturbed by a theological oversight: is God really powerful and does he really love us?
The Southeast Asian nation has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, largely due to illegal logging
Eight members of Catholic family die as floods, landslips strike Flores Island