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Vatican Dossier - Mar 13

Eschatology, Saints and Blesseds

Closing of Diocesan Inquiry for Beatification of French Martyred Father Hamel

Close to 11,500 Pages that Will Be Studied by Rome
Pope and Holy See

New Website: Welcome to the Swiss Guard

Where Tradition and the Modern are Tightly Joined
Spirituality & Prayer

Can an Earthly City be Built on God’s Plan?

Holy Father, Curia Consider a Place of Peace During Spiritual Exercises
Spirituality & Prayer

Pope’s Lenten Retreat: Eliminating Indifference and Disease

Italian Benedictine Abbot, Bernardo Francesco Maria Gianni, Stresses Need to Serve Others
Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Syria: Christians Divided on Returning

‘I don’t know when I will see him again. I was only able to give him some money for the trip.’
Liturgy Q-and-A

LITURGY Q & A: Empty Chalice at Consecration Time

Could Signal a Grave Violation of Canon Law
Vatican Dicasteries/Diplomacy

Cardinal Pell Awaits His June 5-6 Appeal Hearings

In the Meantime, He Waits in Prison
Charities and Volunteering

Middle East: ACN Provides Major Aid Package to Suffering Christians

‘The scale of the charity’s help reflects the immense scale of suffering that we see across the region.’