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UCA Asia News - May 19

Demand to delay announcing of winners in lieu of a probe into fraud was one priest's personal opinion, they say
Faithful in Catholic stronghold of Hebei fear authorities are planning more repression
Local priest says writer has agreed not to attack the Church anymore
Lecturer Robertus Robet in hot water over song and speech criticizing Indonesian military
Church leaders unimpressed by plan to form 'anti-terrorist Christian fellowship' in Kerala
Middle-class youths are joining exodus of poor migrant workers to Italy and France but not all survive the journey
Hard-line monks and nationalists force Ramadan prayers to stop in predominantly Muslim area on the outskirts of Yangon
Some university graduates pump petrol or deliver parcels while others leave to work abroad
Christ gives people strength to persevere in the face of wickedness, pope says
Bringing the world to Christ is our vocation, loving one another is the way to live that vocation
Catholics from Lamalera honor dead fishermen and call on God for a successful season