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Vatican Dossier - May 16

Pope and Holy See

Pope Encourages Catholics & Jews to Combat Anti-Semitism, & Persecution of Christians

Greeting Convention of the “International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee, Francis Says ‘One Never Errs in Seeking Dialogue’

Pope & Holy See

Against Evil and Temptation? Pope Encourages Using God’s Weapons of Prayer, Reconciliation and Charity

Reminds Arabic-speaking Pilgrims to Not Be Deceived by Evil& Not to Let Guard Down
General Audience

Pope Explains Twofold Supplication Within ‘Deliver Us From Evil’

‘There is an evil in our life, which is an incontestable presence.’
General Audience

Pope Welcomes 8 Children of Different Nationalities from Libya on His Popemobile

Young People of Syria, Nigeria, and Congo at General Audience
General Audience

General Audience: On the Our Father’s ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ (Full Text)

‘It’s the tempter who moves us and pushes us to evil, saying to us: ‘Do this, think this, go on that path’
General Audience

General Audience: Pope: ‘The ‘Our Father’ Powerfully Confronts the Complete Range of Evil’

‘Life is fraught with difficulties, evil is present in all of our lives, and so this final cry of the ‘Our Father’ powerfully confronts the complete range of evil’
General Audience

Pope Encourages Newlyweds, Elderly, Sick, Youth to Imitate Mary

‘Be courageous and capable of opening your heart to God’
Charities and Volunteering

Apostolic Almoner’s Gesture Attracts Attention on a Real Problem

‘A Problem that Concerns Persons, Children, Elderly People’
Catholic Church

US: Pope Names New Bishop for Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Bishop Peter Baldacchino, Auxiliary Bishop of Miami

Ireland: Church Leaders Call for Courageous Leadership

See Opportunity in Talks Among Northern Ireland’s Political Parties
Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Society of African Missions Accompany Kidnapped Priest in Prayers

Fr. Luigi Maccalli Taken Eight Months ago in Niger