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UCA Asia News - Jun 13

PM Mahathir Mohamad and his government need to show their reformist mettle
Police chief declares situation a 'riot' as demonstration over extradition bill escalates into violence
Tianjin authorities prevent underground priests from attending Bishop Li's burial ceremony
He allegedly ordered the sourcing of hitmen and weapons to kill top security officials
Court finds no reason to detain pair accused of forging documents to defame Cardinal Alencherry
Their efforts backed by the head of a UN investigation into atrocities against Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar
Fishing boat that sailed from Bangladesh drifted ashore after running out of fuel
Rivers polluted with antibiotics are creating an impending health disaster, experts warn
Church leaders, activists use occasion to talk about freedom, demonstrate
Hindu view that women are incapable of being independent is seen as the main cause of discrimination
Visit highlighted friendship between the Philippines, Catholic Church and the Jewish people
Father Vincent Nguyen Van Trong masqueraded as a herbal medicine trader so that he could evangelize among ethnic people
Vanishing places of worship seen as part of campaign against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in China's Xinjiang
Police have conducted baton charges, used tear gas and water cannons against protestors