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UCA Asia News - Jun 14

Police brutality towards protesters with legitimate concerns shows that this a battle the world cannot afford to lose
Activists say Father Stanislaus Lourdusamy is being accused of sedition for defending persecuted tribal peoples
Families of people snatched from the street want answers from the government
Historic Trump-Kim Singapore summit failed to halt the rogue state's crimes against humanity
Journalist union condemns incident, calls it an 'abduction attempt'
Tearful bishop 'moved' by young protesters as diocese calls for a peaceful end to extradition dispute
Subianto urges supporters to stay at home to avoid repeat of rioting in May
Critics argue that the event has lost much of its genuinely religious nature as it has been marred by fakery and manipulation
They face govt heavy-handedness as well as a need for internal good governance and capacity reforms
Fine arts academy agrees to review decision because of a complaint that it demeans the Christian cross
Vanishing places of worship seen as part of campaign against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in China's Xinjiang
Police have conducted baton charges, used tear gas and water cannons against protestors