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UCA Asia News -Nov 10

Sister encourages mother to break local tradition of silence in such cases to have teacher arrested
Supporters warn vice-president and Duterte critic Maria Robredo she could be walking into a trap
Sister Gerard Fernandez, who led a prison ministry, has been listed as an inspiring leader by the BBC
Arakan Army detained MP after accusing him of working with Myanmar's military
Dindo Generoso is the second journalist to be murdered in the city of Dumaguete in the last year
His soft schedule in the kingdom could change if Pope Francis works his special magic
The death of one young woman symbolizes why the country's ghastly road toll has endured
Parishioners in Karnataka state shocked by alleged suicide of Father Mahesh D’Souza
Those with the greatest stake in the future take action to end the country’s dreadful record on pollution
President pledges to take care of senior religious with welfare programs, citizenship status
God's blessing is bestowed on Fathers Pius, PhoCho and ZauGun at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Yangon
Age-old animistic beliefs continue to hold sway in the predominantly Buddhist country