UCA Asia News - Jun 30

Timor-Leste is a young country with much to learn politically, morally and spiritually
Church's involvement in Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is considered a 'challenging factor' in the talks
Family demand a murder case against police after victims reportedly died of excessive bleeding
Philippine bishop begs for understanding from millions of devotees for canceling 300-year-old religious festival
Jesuit prelate will be remembered for 'befriending followers of all beliefs'
Sindh University academic sorry for hurting the sentiments of fellow Muslims
Prevention and control measures extended for the fifth time since they were imposed in April
Catholics express dissatisfaction with the way Redemptorists dealt with the incident
Caritas set to provide relief as monsoon rain destroys crops and leaves dozens of villages inundated
Panel says arrests aimed to send a chilling message that criticism of government policies will not be tolerated
Attacks on press freedom and use of the pandemic to crack down on dissent have led to a narrowing of civic space
Concern grows about the humanitarian impact of fighting in Rakhine and Chin states
Police chief promises to review a decision by Thai prosecutors not to charge four suspects with killing a Karen activist
A female theologian and a Catholic archbishop add their voices to calls for change
Donald Trump signs an order also calling for the release of religious prisoners of conscience
The practice of elucidating principles is so long-standing that it predates the birth of Christ
Christian volunteers are renovating United Christian Hospital in Lahore after years of neglect
Xaverian missionaries have served marginalized and discriminated Dalits for the past five decades