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The Greedy Cloud - Story

CloudOnce upon a time lived a cloud – that was grown up over a very beautiful country. One day, she saw another much bigger cloud and she felt so much envy, than the cloud decided that in order to get bigger and grow more, her water would never abandon her, and will never start raining again.
CloudIndeed, the cloud grew up, while his country was getting dried. First, rivers dried up, then people, animals, plants, and finally, the whole country became a desert. The cloud did not care much, but she also did not realize that by being over a desert there was no place where she could obtain new water to keep growing. So slowly, the cloud began to lose size, and was unable to do anything to stop it .

Pipe-compost in Kozhikode

Pipe-compost units to cut waste menace in Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: The city corporation has decided to set up pipe-compost units in all city households in its effort to find a permanent solution to waste menace. The plan has been successfully implemented in the state capital and will ensure the disposal of biodegradable waste at the point of generation itself.