10 Leadership/Business Decisions You Should Know By Age 40

                                                                                                                                                                          I started my business career 30 years ago. I would have never thought back then, when I kicked everything off, that I would work for a large corporation, start three companies and an angel investment fund, become a small business author, motivational speaker and consultant, be fired, kicked out by my partners, and go out of business more than once. It has been a crazy ride, but with age, and all those ups and downs, comes experience—and with experience comes a little bit of wisdom. Here are 10 lessons I wish I had learned before I was 40.

Amazing kid - Just 4 Years old

13 Sunday C - Call and Radicality - Homilies

Lk 9:51-62
Thomas O’Loughlin
Introduction to the Celebration 

Coming together week after week we can forget that we have each made a decision to follow Jesus and to make the growth of his kingdom our goal in life. But we get distracted, we lose focus, we get tired, and we even get lost from time to time. Now as we gather around the Lord at his table we ask the Lord to refocus us on what is truly important and to give us the food to sustain us on our pilgrimage of life.
Gospel Notes

This gospel is made up of several elements. The first element is the story of the Samaritan villagers who show hostility to this group of Galileans passing through their territory on the way to worship in Jerusalem. The very fact of passing through that area was tantamount to saying that the only place for ‘[true] Jews’ (because the Samaritans also claimed the name ‘Jew’) to worship is in the temple in Jerusalem, and implicitly to assert that their cult in their temple was a false one. Jesus, by rebuking the disciples who want to call in an air strike, shows himself to be living by his own command to love one’s enemies.

Something to think about…Quotes 80


Remember everything God does is perfect. He is never wrong.”Often we complain about life and negative things that happen to us, forgetting that nothing is random and that everything has a purpose. Every morning, offer your day to God, don’t be in a rush.
Ask God to inspire your thoughts, guide your actions and ease your feelings. And do not be afraid. God is never wrong!
You know why this message is for you? I do not know, but God knows, because he never makes mistakes…….

Reflect upon these..-Quotes 79

Husband and wife

Diabetes: 5 Signs You Might Be at Risk

By Paula Spencer Scott, senior editor

yawnIncredibly, one in four Americans over age 20 has prediabetes -- and most don't even know it. Being prediabetic means that your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but short of being classified as diabetic levels. Studies show that most people with prediabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years, unless they lose weight and make dietary and exercise changes.
Because prediabetes develops gradually over years, it's often said that there are no obvious symptoms. But it's possible to notice certain warning signs of growing insulin resistance, the inability to process the energy in food properly that's a key aspect of prediabetes, says Beth Reardon, director of nutrition for Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke University.

Paying close attention to such warning signs gives you plenty of time to make changes before the situation progresses to type 2 diabetes, she says.

12 Sunday C – Messaih -Homilies

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 Thomas O’Loughlin
Introduction to the Celebration

We have gathered here as we call ourselves ‘Christians’ — literally ‘followers of the Anointed One’. But what does it mean to follow the Anointed One of God? Today we get a stark answer to that question: ‘If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross every day and follow me.’ Let us begin our assembly by reflecting on how well we follow him.

Catholic Humour - Stories Link

Several Stories that could be used for homilies can be found under these links:

Father's Day Sermon-2

fathers day sermon outlines

"The position and authority of the father as the head of the family are expressly assumed and sanctioned in Scripture, as a likeness of that of the Almighty over his creatures"
- Smith's Bible Dictionary

Four Fathers From The Bible

Enoch, a father who walked with God as a great man of Faith.

Noah, who was concerned about saving his children, he taught them about righteousness. He also walked with God, leaving a great example to follow.

Abraham, who was given the title "Father of all of them that believe". He trained them as mentioned in Genesis 18:19.

Joshua, who trusted God when others would not. Joshua didn't care what other fathers were doing, he and his family were going to serve the Lord!

God and the Geese!-Story of Incarnation

God and the Geese

There was once a man who didn’t believe in God, and he didn’t hesitate to   let others know how he felt about religion and religious holidays. His wife, however, did believe, and she raised their children to also have faith in God and Jesus, despite his disparaging comments.

Stay Faithful - Meditation

Today’s Scripture

Scripture“Judas Iscariot…went to the chief priests in order to betray him to them. And when they heard it, they were glad and promised to give him money. And he sought an opportunity to betray him.” – Mark 14:10-11 ESV.

11 SUNDAY C - Woman in Simon's House - HOMILIES

Thomas O’Loughlin

Introduction to the Celebration 

Today is one of the very few times in the year when the actions of women towards Jesus are at the centre of our recollection. We recall that Jesus was supported and helped by women in his work as he moved around Palestine. We also recall the incident when an unnamed woman anointed his feet with oil, kissed his feet, and wiped away her tears with her hair. Her sins were forgiven because she had shown such love.

Now we are gathered at table with the Lord, let us pray that our love will be such that our sins may be forgiven. 

Quotes 78 - Greatest Things done

"The greatest things ever done on Earth
have been done little by little."

- William Jennings Bryan

Story of the Turtle Family…

Turtle FamilyA turtle family decided to go on a picnic.. The turtles, being naturally slow about things, took seven years to prepare for their outing. Finally the turtle family left home looking for a suitable place. During the second year of their journey they found a place ideal for them at last!

10 Sunday C - Raising Dead Man - Homilies


We see it every day on the news—the raw grief of a parent whose child has died, perhaps in a drive-by shooting or while serving in Afghanistan. Sometimes the tragedy is tied to an automobile accident. We hear of these deaths so often that we become numb to the pain. Then comes something like the shooting in Newton, Connecticut. Parents, friends and neighbors weep.

  a) A Key to the Reading

Today’s gospel gives us the story of the raising of the son of the widow of Nain. A look at the literary context of the 7th chapter of the Gospel of Luke will help us to understand this episode. The evangelist wishes to show that Jesus opens the way for us by showing us something of what is new about God as it comes to us in the proclamation of the Good News. This is how  transformation and openness come about: Jesus listens to the prayer of a foreigner, a non-Jew (Lk 7:1-10)  and raises the son of a widow (Lk 7:11-17) The way in which Jesus reveals the Reign of God comes as a surprise to the Jewish brethren who were not used to this kind of openness. It is a surprise also to John the Baptist who sends messengers to ask, Are you the one who is to come or are we to  wait for another (Lk 7:18-30). Jesus mocks the fickleness of his contemporaries: They are like children sitting in the market-place and calling to one another, “We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we wailed, and you did not weep.”’(Lk 7:31-35). At the end we see Jesus’ openness to women (Lk 7:36-50)

The 4 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Morning

Editor-in-Chief, GrowSmartBusiness
These down-to-earth tips will help get you going in the morning, and keep you productive all day.
Does this sound like you? You roll out of bed exhausted every morning. Your brain was going like gangbusters all night, keeping you awake with thoughts and plans about your business. Now you’re ready to execute—if you could just find the shirt you were planning to wear to that important client meeting. Where’s the address again? Uh-oh, your phone isn’t charged, so you go on the computer to look up the location. Next thing you know, you’re sucked into emails. You look up, still in your bathrobe, and an hour has passed. Where did the morning go? Now you’re going to be late—and your phone still isn’t charged.

4 Signs of an Impending Heart Attack


Thank goodness there's a name for this disorder.

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden.
As I turn on the hose in the driveway,
I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.

This is real "Body" of Christ Example

For Kerala a Muslim man, a Catholic priest brings the gift of life

Shaju Philip : Thiruvananthapuram

Fr  Sebastian (L), RASAD MUHAMMAD

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a year-and-a-half ago, 30-year-old Rasad Muhammad's hope of living had sunk with each passing day as a donor remained elusive. Until last month, when his saviour appeared suddenly — in the form of a Christian priest he had never met before.
Father Kidangathazhe Sebastian, 41, will donate one of his kidneys to Rasad so he can live. Preparations are under way, and the transplant surgery is likely to be performed next month.

Does God Exist? Ask the Barber - Story

The Barber Shop

Barber & CustomerA man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation and talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: “I don’t believe that God exists.”
“Why do you say that?” asked the customer.