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8 Sunday A: Worry and Stress in Today's World

Note: Though worry and stress are not the same and many people have greater pressure  to handle in daily life and yet are not highly stressed, because of a simple formula: S=P>R. Stress is equal to Pressure greater than your Resources. Prayer, family, relaxation, fulfilling hobbies, etc can be your resources that can handle your stress. As much as we need some amount of anxiety to be prepared for life and do a good job, we need some amount of stress (Eustress is positive stress,
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Distress is negative stress) to face the daily chores and issues and do a good job. The weight of a key in your hand may be 25 grams, but how long you hold it in your hand determines stress. So it's not the type of stress that matters, but how long you are nursing it in your heart and mind without dealing with it causes stress and damage to your body and mind.
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- Tony Kayala, c.s.c.

16 Sunday C: Mary and Martha: Work and Worship

Gospel Text: Luke 10:38-42
Jesus & Martha
Michel de Verteuil
General Textual Comments
Here is another very famous story which you must meditate on personally, letting yourself be guided by your feelings.
The passage has given rise to deep and sometimes mystical interpretations, but at root it is a simple story of human relationships and your meditation must start there.
You may like to focus on Jesus. See him as a model human being, receiving the hospitality of the sisters, accepting the love of Mary, teaching Martha wisdom, kindly but firmly.