22nd Week, Tuesday, Sept 5th: St. Teresa of Kolkata

 22nd Week, Tuesday, Sept 5: St. Teresa of Kolkata

1 Thess 5:1-6, 9-11 / Luke 4:31-37 

Paul warns the Thessalonians; Don’t let the Lord’s coming surprise you.   

22nd Sunday A - Liturgical Prayers


The Lord speaks to us, his disciples today: "Come, follow me, renounce yourselves, take up your cross and come after me." May these words call us away from ourselves and may the Lord go always with you. R/ And also with you.

22nd Week, Monday, Sept 4

 22nd Week, Monday, Sept 4

1 Thess 4:13-18 / Luke 4:16-30

Paul talks about the Second Coming; The dead will rise to meet Jesus.  

The Nativity of the BVM, September 8

  The Nativity of the BVM, September 8

A ruler will come from Bethlehem; He will bring peace.

Micah 5:1-4 or Romans 8:28-30 / Matthew 1-16, 18-23

21st Week, Saturday, Sept 2

 21st Week, Saturday, Sept 2

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12: Mt 25:14-30

Paul encourages the people to make even greater progress.

21st Week, Friday, Sept 1

21st Week, Friday, Sept 1

1 Thess 4:1-8 / Matthew 25:1-13 

Paul instructs the Thessalonians; God called us to holiness.

21st Week, Thursday, August 31

 21st Week, Thursday, August 31

1 Thess 3:7-13 / Matthew 24:42-51

Paul prays for the Thessalonians; May God make your love grow.   

21st Week: Aug 28 to Sept 2

 Aug 28 Monday: St. Augustine, Bishop, Doctor of the Church: 

21st Week, Wednesday, August 30

 21st Week, Wednesday, August 30

1 Thess 2:9-13 / Matthew 23:27-32

Paul thanks God for the Thessalonians; They accepted his word as God's word.

22nd Sunday A: If You wish to Follow me...Take up your Cross




Jeremiah 1:17-19; Mk 6:17-29

God instructs Jeremiah; Stand up to evil and oppose it.

21st Week, Monday, August 28: St. Augustine

 21st Week, Monday, August 28

1 Thes 1:2-5, 8-10 / Matthew 23:13-22

Paul rejoices over the Thessalonians; They turned to God.

21st Sunday A - Liturgical Prayers


Through Jesus, God has entrusted the Church to weak human hands. May the Spirit of the Lord guide the leaders and members of the Church and may the Lord Jesus be always with you. R/ And also with you.

20th Week, Saturday, August 26

20th Week, Saturday, August 26

Ruth 2:1-3, 8-11; 4:13-17 / Matthew 23:1-12 

Ruth marries Boaz; Ruth gives birth to David (Obed, father of Jesse, father of David)

20th Week: Aug 21-26

 Aug 21-26:

Aug 21 Monday: St. Pius X, Pope:

20th Sunday A: Liturgical Prayers

 Greetings (See First Reading)

My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples, says the Lord. As the Lord welcomes us, may we be open to all. May the Lord, the Savior of all, be with you. R/ And also with you.

20th Week, Friday, August 25: St Louis, King of France

20th Week, Friday, August 25

Ruth 1:1, 3-6, 14-16, 22 / Matthew 22:34-40 

Ruth befriends Naomi; "Wherever you go I will go. "

19th Sunday A - Liturgical Prayers

 Greeting (See Responsorial Psalm) I will listen to the voice of the Lord, for it speaks of peace. His help is near for those who fear him. May the Lord with his help be always with you. R/ And also with you.

21st Sunday A: You are Peter, You are Rock

August 24: St. Bartholomew, Apostle

  August 24: Bartholomew: Rev 21:9-14 / John 1:45-51

The city rested on a foundation; The Apostles' names were written on it.

20th Week, Wednesday, August 23: St. Rose of Lima

  20th Week, Wednesday, August 23

Judges 9:6-15 / Matthew 20:1-16
The people elect a new leader; The worst Person won by default.

The Queenship of Mary, August 22

The Queenship of Mary, August 22

Isaiah 9:1-6 / Lk 1:26-38 

20th Week, Monday, August 21: Saint Pius X

20th Week, Monday, August 21

Judges 2:11-19 / Matthew 19:16-22

Israel sins against God; They worshiped false gods.

20th Sunday A: The Canaanite Woman

19th Week, Saturday, Aug 19: St. John Eudes

19th Week, Saturday, Aug 19: St. John Eudes

Joshua 24:14-29 / Matthew 19:13-15

Joshua confronts the people"Decide whom you will serve."

19th Week, Friday, August 18

 19th Week, Friday, August 18

Joshua 24:1-13 / Matthew 19:3-12

God looks after his people; "I saved you. "

19th Week, Thursday, August 17:

 19th Week, Thursday, August 17:

Joshua 3:7-11, 13-17 / Matthew 18:21 - 19:1

The Israelites cross over the Jordan; The waters backed up.

19th Week, Wednesday, August 16: St. Stephen of Hungary

 19th Week, Wednesday, August 16

Duet 34:1-12 / Matthew 18:15-20

Moses dies; "You shall not enter the land. "

Aug 15: Assumption of Mary and Independence Day in India



O God, our creator, you have made this world out of love and gathered us together as one family.

19th Week, Monday, August 14: St. Maximilian Kolbe

 19th Week, Monday, August 14

Deuteronomy 10:12-22 / Matthew 17:22-27

Moses exhorts the Israelites; “Befriend the alien.” 

18th Week: Aug 7-12:

  18th Week: Aug 7-12:

Aug 7 Monday: St. Sixtus II, Pope and companion martyrs;  St Cajetan: 

18th Week, Saturday, August 12

 18th Week, Saturday, August 12

Deut 6:4-13 / Matthew 17:14-20 

Moses recites the Shema Israel; "Love the Lord with all your heart."

19th Sunday A: The Lord Calms the Storm

18th Week, Friday; Aug 11: Saint Clare

God blessed greatly: "You must keep his commandments."

18th Week, Friday

Deuteronomy 4:32-40 / Matthew 16:24-28

18th Week, Thursday, August 10: Saint Lawrence

 18th Week, Thursday, August 10

Numbers 20:1-13 / Matthew 16:13-23 

God blessed you greatly; You must keep his commandments

18th Week, Wednesday, August 9: St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

   18th Week,  Wednesday, August 9

Numbers 13:1-2, 25 - 14:1, 26-29, 34-35 / Matthew 15:21-28 

The Israelites complain; The people wailed in the night.

18th Week, Tuesday, August 8: Saint Dominic

 18th Week, Tuesday, August 8

Numbers 12:1-13 / Matthew 15:1-2, 12-14

Aaron and Miriam envy Moses; "Doesn't God speak through us also?" 

18th Week, Monday, August 7: St Sixtus II & Companions

 18th Week, Monday, August7

Numbers 11:4-15 / Matthew 14:13-21

Moses prays to God; "1 can't carry this burden any longer.

Aug 6: The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord - Liturgical Prayers


Today God our Father tells us: This is my beloved Son. Listen to him. May the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ resound in your hearts and in your lives.

18th Sunday A: Multiplication

5 Sundays: Summary

1) Preparing the soil: Meek and humble of heart. The word humility comes from the Latin, humus which means earth. Be earthy, natural, without put on. That's the sort of soil.
2) Types of soil: Defiant (rocky/stony), distracted (thorny) and defeated (birds picking or people trampling). Ignatius of Loyola had a defiant and distracted heart in the beginning but never defeated.

Aug 5: The Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major

 The Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major

The Story of the Dedication of Saint Mary Major Basilica

17th Week: Jul 30-Aug 5

 July 31 Monday: St. Ignatius of Loyola, priest: 

17th Week, Friday, Aug 4th: Saint John Vianney

 17th Week, Friday, Aug 4th

Leviticus 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34-37 / Matthew 13:54-58

God instructs Israel about worship; "Celebrate these feasts”

17th Week, Thursday, July 3rd, St Waltheof

  17th Week, Thursday

Jeremiah 18:1-6 / Matthew 13:47-53

We are clay in God's hands; He fashions us like a potter.