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COVID – Prayer-16: God of our Hope

Lord, our God, 

We dream of a life no longer merely endured but enjoyed, no longer imposed but in-born, no longer coveted but creative, no longer feared but loved. And, Lord, these days, we continue to experience a life that is limited and conditioned. Our hands, called to open, stay closed. Our homes invited to welcome, stay shut. Our churches designed to praise and worship, are silenced. Our hearts remain frozen, O Lord, with fear and anxiety. No, our road leads not to the penetrating sweep of the light of day, but to choking, stifling night, we fear, O Lord.

Advent Hope: The fearless nun inside ‘hell on earth’

 Story By:
Neyda Rojas
For more than 17 years, a Catholic nun named Neyda Rojas has been serving God in a place that many describe as hell on earth – a Venezuelan prison.
For decades, penitentiaries here have been criticised by human rights organisations for allowing serious human rights violations to take place behind their walls.
Although the government has introduced reforms to improve living conditions, some Venezuelan prisons are still among the most violent and overcrowded in Latin America.