27 Sunday C - Liturgical Prayers

May you keep alive in you
the faith and love in Christ Jesus.
May the Holy Spirit who lives in you
help you to guard the riches of your faith
and be always with you.
R/ And also with you.

27 Sunday C: Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed; We are only Servants

Gospel reading: Luke 17:5-10
mustard seed

Michel de Verteuil
General Textual comments
This Sunday’s passage is in two clearly distinct sections:
– verses 5 to 6 – a teaching on faith; and
– verses 7 to 10 – a parable on humble service.

Prayer by Rev. Joe Wright at the Kansas State Senate

This interesting prayer was given in Kansas, USA, at the opening session of their Senate. It seems prayer still upsets some people.

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says:

26 Sunday - Liturgy

Blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ:
to him be honor and everlasting power.
May his grace and peace
be always with you.
R/ And also with you.
Introduction by the Celebrant

A. Open Your Eyes
How come that we are merely aware of the misery—poverty, discrimination, injustice around us? Is it because we have not learned to see, or that we prefer not to see? It is said of God in the Old Testament that he saw the misery of his people, and, seeing it, he liberated them. Jesus saw the misery of the people around him and he did all he could to free them. Let us ask the Lord here with us that we may learn to see our own afflictions and those of the people around us. Then we can, with God's help, do something to remedy them.

26 Sunday C:: Lazarus - God turns tables

Gospel Text: Luke 16:19-31
Michel DeVerteuil
General Textual comments

This Sunday’s passage is entirely taken up with one parable. It is in three sections – each one is a story in itself, so you can remain with any one of them:
– verses 19 to 22: an introductory scene ending with the death of both Lazarus and the rich man;

Spiritual Maturity From Whatsapp Community

1. Spiritual Maturity is *when you stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself.*
2. Spiritual Maturity is when you
*accept people as they are.*

25 Sunday C - Liturgy

We have come together
to offer petitions and thanksgiving
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
the only mediator between God and people.
May the Lord Jesus be always with you.
R/ And also with you

25 Sunday C: Stewardship

Michel de Verteuil
General Textual Comments

The passage is in two movements:
– verses 1 to 7, the parable;
verses 8 to 13, a collection of six sayings of Jesus, all connected with the parable.
Most people find this parable one of the most difficult to interpret, seeming to condone the dishonesty of the steward. The main problem here is our tendency to read the gospels and the parables particularly, in a rational, moralizing way. We then find ourselves passing judgement on the parables:  “a touching story but ….” With this approach to our parable we have to do mental gymnastics to explain how the master could “praise the dishonest steward”.

Sept 8: Monti Fest

The Nativity of Our Lady or the birthday of our beloved Mother Mary, also called as "Monthi Fest" by Mangalorean Catholic community is also celebrated as a harvest festival like 'onam' of kerala, 'pongal' of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Equations - With Humour

Equations! - This is the best
I have read in a LONG time !!!!
Human = eat + sleep + work + enjoy
Donkey = eat + sleep + work

24 Sunday C: Liturgy

Let us give thanks to the Father
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
for he has given us strength
and he came to forgive us our sins.
May his mercy and love be always with you.
R/ And also with you.

24 Sunday C: Good Shepherd

Gospel reading: Luke 15:1-32 (Full Form)
perfect Jesus
Michel de Verteuil
General Textual Comments
Verses 1 to 3 give us an overall picture of the kind of person Jesus was – and thus an image of God.
We follow that path in our meditation: we recognise and celebrate human beings who were images of Jesus for us, and allow them to reveal God to us.

Mother Teresa: Another Story

     Many years ago during a flight from South America to Mexico City, the stewardess prepared to serve lunch to about fifty passengers. When she handed the sack lunch to Mother Teresa, the little nun asked her, “How much did this lunch cost the airline today?”
     Somewhat surprised, the stewardess thought for a moment, then replied, “About one dollar.”

Mother Teresa & Kapil Dev

By Kapil Dev
Like everyone else I, too, had heard of Mother Teresa but never met her till the very end of her life.
I wonder why. Some things have no explanation.

The Indian cricket team won the Prudential Cup in 1983. It was a great victory.
I was married to Romi, a Pakistani, and leading a life of  fulfilment.
But the happiness of having a child eluded us. Even 14 years after marriage, we remained childless.
We were written about in newspapers, and we appeared happy.
But no one saw one aspect of our life that had created a vacuum.