27th Week, Tuesday, St. Francis of Assisi: Oct 4


Galatians 1:13-24 / Luke 10:38-42

Paul talks about life: God has called me to conversion.  

27th Week, Monday, Oct 3

Galatians 1:6-12 / Luke 10:25-37 

Paul reproaches the Galatians: Hold fast to the Gospel I preached to you.  

27 Sunday C - Liturgical Prayers


1. Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed

2. Faith of the Servant 

St. Therese of Child Jesus - Oct 1st

October 1 (Theresa) Isaiah 66:10-14 

Isaiah speaks in God's name; As a mother comfort you, so will I.

26th Week, Friday, Sept 30, St. Jerome

  26th Week, Friday, Sept 30, St. Jerome

Job 38:1, 12-21; 40:3-5 / Luke 10:13-16

Job talks about God; God's wisdom far surpasses ours.

Sept 29: Archangels, Feast Day

 St. MICHAEL, GABRIEL, RAPHAEL, Thursday, September 29

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14 or Apocalypse 12:7-12a / John 1:47-51 

Daniel describes a vision: Myriads upon myriads attended him. 

26th Week, Wednesday, Sept 28

 Job 9:1-12, 14-16 / Luke 9:57-62

Job speaks about God:  God is beyond our comprehension. 

26th Week, Tuesday, Sept 27, St. Vincent de Paul

 26th Week, Tuesday, Sept 27, St. Vincent de Paul

Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20-23 / Luke9:51-56

Job speaks about his suffering; He didn't hold back on his feelings. 

26th Week: Monday, Sept 26: Saints Cosmos and Damian

 Job 1:6-22 / Luke 9:46-50 

Suffering comes to Job: Job remained faithful to God.