4th Week of Easter, Monday, April 26

 4th Week of Easter, Monday, April 26

Acts 11:1-18 / John 10:1-10

Jesus talks about life; "I came to give you life in all its fullness." 

A 50-year-old man with a terminal illness wrote to a friend: "I suddenly asked myself, 'What am I doing? Why am I working at something I don't enjoy? Why am I building a bank account that will do me no good when I am dead?' "

UCA Asia News - April 22


Thai Catholics assist Myanmar's Karen refugees

Catholic charity's assistance contrasts with the Thai government's unwelcoming policy


Matters India - April 22


April 22, 2021

Disruption in oxygen supply kills 22 COVID patients in Maharashtra

Nashik: Disruption in the supply of medical oxygen has killed at least 22 patients in a hospital in western India’s Maharashtra state, officials have said. Suraj Mandhare, an official in…


Matters India - April 21


April 21, 2021
Nagaland governor seeks Church help to tackle Covid-19
Dimapur: Amid surging Covid-19 infections in the Christian majority Nagaland, Governor R N Ravi has requested Church leaders to influence people to follow coronavirus protocols. The governor held a meeting…

UCA Asia News - April 21


Indonesian priest builds faith by examining atheism

Father Simon Petrus Lili Tjahjadi says critical study of atheism frees you from fear


Easter 5 Sunday B - Vine and Branches

The Lord may find us as we search for him - Mary at the tomb (it's he who finds us even though it's we who search for him even as Zacchaeus). The Lord may give us a personal experience of him in our theological and ideological doubts (Thomas. That's another form of searching for him like Augustine and Thomas Merton).

Easter 4 Sunday B: Good Shepherd


-Pope Francis: Pastors should smell like the sheep
-Count sheep to sleep
-"What do pastors do to the sheep?", Sunday School question. '"They shear them", little Amy answers.
-One Televangelist: How do you run a church? First form, then feed and finally fleece!!!

Matters India - April 19


April 18, 2021
Archbishop Sirkar, founder of two religious Institutes, dies
By C.M. Paul Kolkata: Archbishop Emeritus Lucas Sirkar of Calcutta and founder of two religious institutes, died April 18. He was 84. “Dear Confreres, this is to convey another sad…

3rd Week of Easter, Saturday, April 24

  3rd Week of Easter, Saturday, April 24

Acts 9:31-42 / John 6:60-69

Many people leave Jesus; Peter stayed with Jesus. 

A popular poster shows a loaf of bread and a goblet of wine. On the poster are the words, "Jesus of Nazareth requests the honor of your presence at a dinner to be given in his honor." The poster underscores two important points. First, the Mass is a meal to which Jesus invites us personally:

Easter 3rd Week: April 19-24:

 Easter 3rd Week: April 19-24: 

April 19 Monday: John 6:22-29: 

 The context: Today’s Gospel introduces Jesus’ famous discourse on the Holy Eucharist which emerged within a dialogue between Jesus and the Jews who had gone around the Lake and come to Capernaum searching for him. In answer to their question about his arrival, Jesus challenged them, saying that they were looking for him so they could get another free meal and that such meals would not satisfy them. He also instructed them to labor for food that would give them Eternal Life.