23 Sunday C - Liturgy

1. Conscious Discipleship
2. Look Before You Leap

The Lord comes among us and calls us to follow him without conditions. May we listen to his call and may he always be with you. R/ And also with you.


23 Sunday C - Demands of Discipleship

Jesus leads
Michel de Verteuil 
General Textual comments
 The passage is in three movements:
– verse 25: the framework of the passage;
– verses 26, 27 and 33: the challenge to radical discipleship; and
– verses 28 to 32: the practical approach to discipleship.
Discipleship of Jesus takes many forms and we interpret this passage in the light of the particular form of discipleship to which we have committed ourselves – marriage, parenting, friendship, career, religious life or priesthood. We think of other commitments we and others make: to social change for example – bringing about reconciliation between ethnic groups or religions, or reforming economic, educational or political systems, locally or internationally.

22 Sunday - Liturgy

What do you have that you have not received?
If everything you have was received as a gift,
then why boast?
If anyone must boast,
let him boast of the Lord.
May the Lord, the giver of life, be with you.
R/ And also with you.
Introduction by the Celebrant
A. A Good Place For Everyone
How do we regard other people and ourselves in relation to them? Do we look down on others, at least on some, and hold ourselves as more important, people to be noted and given honors? The message of today is: In the Kingdom there is a good place for everyone. If there is to be any preference, it is for the poor, the disabled, the humble, for they are given the first place by God, they are the favorites of Jesus. Jesus asks us here and now: What place do you take and what place do you give to others?

22 Sunday C: Who do you invite? Who are your friends?

Gospel reading: Luke 14:1;7-11
J Supper
Michel de Verteuil
General Textual comments

Song on Mother Teresa by Usha Uthup

Usha is going to sing two songs at the Canonization: One in the previous evening and the other during the liturgy. One would be in Bengali and the other in English. She would have probably the trademark large "bindi" on her forehead and a dozen or so bangles on her arms. The CM of Calcutta, the foreign Minister from Delhi are some of the governmental representatives for the function.

21 Sunday c: Liturgy

1. I Have Come to Bring Fire
2. No Easy Peace Greeting (See Second Reading)

We must run with perseverance the race we have entered, with our eyes fixed on Jesus. May the Lord Jesus give you that strength you need and be always with you. R/ And also with you.

21 Sunday C: Universality of Salvation

The universality of salvation is the message from all the readings on this day. Salvation does not belong to any special race or culture but to those who accept Christ. It is the desire of God that all should be saved. Some who are regarded as last will be saved while the first called may be last.

Assumption and Independence Day in India

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The Gospel of Jesus and Mary

There is an old story about a workman on a scaffolding high above the nave of a cathedral who looked down and saw a woman praying before a statue of Mary. As a joke, the workman whispered, "Woman, this is Jesus." The woman ignored him. The workman whispered again, more loudly: "Woman, this is Jesus." Again, the woman ignored him. Finally, he said aloud, "Woman, don't you hear me? This is Jesus." At this point the woman looked up at the crucifix and said, "Be still now, Jesus, I'm talking to your mother." Why do Catholics treasure Marian devotions and doctrines that their non-Catholic brothers and sisters do not? It is because, I think, the Catholic Church is trying to tell the full story, to proclaim the full gospel.

Stories of Life

"I had a sparrow as a pet but it flew away one day...Then I had a squirrel but it ran away too.. Then...I planted a tree and they both came back"....😊

*- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam*

"One day I got chips. My friends ate and ran away One day I got some nuts. My friends ate and ran away. Then I got ALCOHOL. They all came back with chips and nuts"
*-Vijay Mallya*  😂😂


Everything Happens for a Reason

20 Sunday C - Liturgy

1. I Have Come to Bring Fire
2. No Easy Peace Greeting (See Second Reading)

We must run with perseverance the race we have entered, with our eyes fixed on Jesus. May the Lord Jesus give you that strength you need and be always with you. R/ And also with you. Introduction

20 Sunday C: Set the Earth on Fire


Michel de VerteuilGeneral Textual comments

The gospel passage for this Sunday is in three sections
– verse 49;
– verse 50;
– and verses 51 to 53.
As I have often recommended, you should meditate on one section at a time. But you will find that in this passage the three sections complement one another; if taken together, they correct any false interpretations which could arise if they were read separately. Think of them, therefore, as parts of a beautifully constructed building in which each part is appreciated in relation to the whole.

Story of Bishops and a Prostitute.

In the early Christian Church, several bishops were gathered outside a Cathedral in Antioch, when a beautiful prostitute passed by on the street. Upon noticing her, the crowd of bishops looked away to avoid being seduced.

Miscellaneous Humor

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On a nice sunny afternoon a preacher was walking down a dirt road when he came upon a man working in a field full of large fruits and vegies and yells to the man GREAT GARDEN!! the man wipes his face with a rag and walks over to great the preacher "Thanks a lot said the man" The preacher says yes the LORD sure did great work here . The farmer steps back and said Preacher when the lord had this field it was full of stones and sticker bushes!
A man at the airline counter tells the rep. “I’d like this bag to go to Berlin, this one to California, and this one to London.
The rep says, “I’m sorry sir. We can’t do that.”
The man replied: Nonsense. That is what you did last time I flew with you.

Gift of Insight - Flash

19 Sunday C - Liturgy

1. Stand Ready in Faith
2. God Is with Us

Greeting (See Heb 3:14)
The Lord Jesus is here with us.
We are all partners with him
if we hold on to the trust
we had in the beginning.
May he always be with you. R/ And also with you.

19 Sunday C: Be Awake and Alert

Michel de Verteuil
Textual comments
The gospel passage for this Sunday consists of sayings of Jesus, so it would be good to look first at some general principles that must be respected in interpreting sayings.
Remember, first, that in gospel meditation a passage must be read very slowly. I mention this because the sayings of Jesus are short, and often people tend to read them quickly. This happens especially in a passage like this, where we have several sayings on one general theme. It is, however, not a logically constructed teaching, but a collection of sayings, each one different and with its own way of putting across the theme. We must therefore take them separately, letting each one in turn rest in our hearts. Each one is like a special wine, and God invites us to be connoisseurs who take time to savour each one and discover its distinctive flavour.