Blue Whale challenge: 17-year-old Russian girl, alleged mastermind, arrested

A 17-year-old Russian girl has been arrested for allegedly being the mastermind behind the deadly Blue Whale Challenge, that encouraged players to commit suicide.
The teenager, who has now been arrested, allegedly threatened her victims that she would murder them or their families if they did not complete the tasks that were set.

Some Outrageous Things you'll only see in Dubai


By Dr.Alok Kar

Years back, *poor illiterate  parents* produced:

🔹 Scientists,
🔹 Accountants,
🔹 Lawyers,
🔹 Architects,
🔹 Professors..,  whom I will refer to as *Group 'A'*.

Mumbai rains: Religious places open doors for those stranded


© Provided by Indian Express The MMOPL spokesperson denied the absence of the guards. Akhtar Raza realised he may never reach home on Tuesday night until he read one of the forwarded messages from Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa and randomly called a member for help. Volunteer Mohammed Ahmed (34) immediately rode his bike from Ghatkopar to Saki Naka to pick Raza up and drop him at his home in Kurla.
“Cars and buses are getting stranded. But on a bike it is easier to navigate,” Ahmed said. Like Ahmed, another volunteer, Worli resident Aarif Khan(29) was answering calls through the day from strangers stranded in waist-deep water. He took seven people home on his bike, one by one.

Unions go where churches won’t

From the Theology of the Vineyard:

August 26, 2017
Unifor Canadian Council passes BDS motion at Winnipeg convention
Congratulations to the Unifor’s Canadian Council on easily passing a pro-Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) motion at their recent convention in Winnipeg, between August 18-20.

The BDS movement is founded on the call made by more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations on July 9, 2005, inviting people across the world who support freedom, justice and equality in Palestine/Israel to boycott, divest from, and press for sanctions against the State of Israel until it meets its obligations under international law by:

22 Sunday A: Take up Your Cross, If you wish ....

 Gospel Text: Matthew 16:21-27 

Michel DeVerteuil
General Comments
obstacleIn meditating on this passage, we need to make some choices – guided, as always in lectio divina by feelings, not reason. For example, we can focus on the disciples, and Peter in particular, so that the passage speaks to us about our relationship with Jesus or with someone who has been Jesus to us. We then celebrate the times when we have been brought to see how our way of thinking was “human” and not according to God’s plan.

Incredible Animals and Humans

21 Sunday A: Who do you say I am? The Messiah


1.     Who Do People Say He Is?
2.     Who Do You Say He Is?
3.     What Are We Called to Do?

1.     Feedback – Communication
2.     Recognition – Messiah: Title ; Sacrifice
3.     Authority –Dependability – Rock

20 Sunday A - Liturgical Prayers

Greeting (See First Reading)
    My house will be called
    a house of prayer for all peoples,
    says the Lord.
    As the Lord welcomes us,
    may we be open to all.
    May the Lord, the Savior of all, be with you.
    R/ And also with you.

20 Sunday A: Jesus and the Canaanite Woman: Faith and Healing

Gospel Text: Matthew 15:21-28

Michel DeVerteuil
General Comments
This Sunday’s gospel passage is in two sections,
– an introduction in verse 21.
– the main story in verses 22-28
To get the significance of verse 21 we must look at the preceding passage which tells of the Pharisees’ continued hostility to Jesus. It was because he was rejected by the religious leaders then that Jesus decided to “leave that place” and “withdraw” to  a foreign environment, “the region of Tyre and Sidon”, ending up experiencing  a radically new dimension to his mission. So often  an experience of rejection leads to new possibilities being opened up. Our “region of Tyre and Sidon” turns out to be a place of new beginnings.

19 Sunday A: With Peter, Jesus in our Storms

J saves PFrom Fr. Donald Planty:

The world’s attention is unfortunately, but understandably, regularly focused on the destructive force of natural events like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis, as well as on the violent human forces contending in conflicts in Central Europe, in the Middle East, in Africa, and in Latin America.  In addition, we cannot help but be disturbed by so many forces intimately at odds with us:  the aggression of temptation and sin, the debilitation of illness, the pain of emotional wounds, the intensity of the passions, and the assaults of demons.  Indeed, the three enemies of our human nature–the world, the flesh, and the devil–are forces at war with us, striving to turn us away from Jesus and his saving Gospel.  Yet, these negative forces are no match for the positive power–the Good News of Jesus.  Yes, his grace, his presence with us, his provident love for us, is the greatest power in the universe–and no evil force can overcome him.  That is the consoling message of the readings our Mother the Church offers for our meditation this Sunday:  “Take courage, do not be afraid!”  The power of God’s gentle mercy is greater than any opposing force.
We see this in the experience of the prophet Elijah:  God’s presence is not revealed to him in the forceful wind, earthquake or fire, but in the power of his gently whispered word.  In contrast to natural, worldly, damaging forces, God’s power is supernatural, otherworldly, life-giving, and so is manifested in tenderness, in calm, in peace. (more down below)

18 Sunday A - Multiplication

5 Sundays: Summary

1) Preparing the soil: Meek and humble of heart. The word humility comes from the Latin, humus which means earth. Be earthy, natural, without put on. That's the sort of soil.
2) Types of soil: Defiant (rocky/stony), distracted (thorny) and defeated (birds picking or people trampling). Ignatius of Loyola had a defiant and distracted heart in the beginning but never defeated.
3) Wheat and weeds: The good and the bad in our lives, in the world. Peace and war, violence and charity..... There will be a day of judgment, reconciliation... Ignatius spent much time in discernment - the lady or the Lord for whom I am going to be heroic. 10 months at the cave by the river at Manresa eight miles from the place of his conversation at the Benedictine monastery in Monserrat.
4) Treasure in the field:  So much hidden in each of us. In every seed. Being discovered. But there is a selling my ways and plans, styles and attitudes to get that. Not what was lost and but with what is left in us. But we must discern good and bad choices like selecting the fish. Don't take anything that comes on our way. Ignatius finally with his companions finds the treasure in the Society of Jesus at Montmartre in France - they founded the society on August 15, 1534.
5) Multiplication: This is the completion of the fruit of the earth. From humility, from surrender, with what was left and not about lost out there. Thanksgiving means giving. When the fruits are brought to the Lord for sharing,, when we sit together at the banquet of the Lord, when we relax with the Lord with our families -- away from our work and activities. A good vacation becomes our vocation. Relax with the Lord can be a good prayer. Those who are labored and burdened, come to me. Jesuits spread to 112 countries in 6 continents, now numbering over 17,000.