Easter 6 Sunday B: Love as I have Loved you

Starters from Fr. Tony Kadavil's Collection:

1) God’s love in action:
When Fr. Damien arrived in Molokai to assemble a prefabricated church for the lepers, he spent the first few weeks sleeping out under the trees, because he was unable to cope with the stench in the hovels of the lepers. He certainly wouldn't dare preach to them about God's love for them, because, as they saw it, that would be offensive. But slowly he opened his heart to the grace of God which enabled him to see the suffering Jesus in them. In no time, he was washing them, bandaging them, and burying them. He came to love them, and, through him, they came to believe that God loved them. He smoked a pipe to counteract the stench, but he soon was passing the pipe around for others to have a smoke. He ate food with them from a common bowl, out of which they scooped the food with hands that had no fingers. He caught the disease himself, and he was happy to be able to live and to die for them. Greater love than this no one has…

Easter 5 Sunday B: Liturgical Prayers

We need not be afraid in God's presence,
and whatever we ask him
we shall receive
that is, if we keep his commandments,
that we believe in Christ and love each other.
May the love and peace of Jesus be with you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Vision and Goals

Easter 4 Sunday B: Liturgical Prayers

There is no other name
by which we are saved
than the name of Jesus Christ,
crucified but risen from the dead.
May the risen Lord Jesus be always with you.
Introduction by the Celebrant
 Shepherd with a Heart
We expect of people in charge of others, especially in tasks of leadership and service, that they are dedicated to those who rely on them: doctors, social workers, priests and ministers. For those who are Christians, the model is no other than Jesus, the Good Shepherd. He had a heart for people and was willing to go as far as laying down his life for them. All those responsible for others should be like him: not functionaries, not people who just do their job, but, whether lay or ordained, pastors, that is, literally, shepherds, shepherds with a heart, totally dedicated even at great cost to themselves. And let us not forget that we are all entrusted with and to one another. May Jesus among us inspire and guide us.

Easter 3 Sunday B - Liturgical Prayers

God has glorified his servant Jesus,
the Holy One, the Just One,
the prince of life.
God raised him from the dead
and to that fact we are the witnesses.
In his name we are gathered here.
May the Risen Lord be always with you.

9 Types of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Your Emotions

The Types Of Emotional Pain That Impact Your Happiness

© Provided by NewsCred The Types Of Emotional Pain That Impact Your Happiness

Did you know that every single thought and feeling that you have in your mind manifests itself physically in your body in some way, shape or form? This is why the body releases various different chemicals based on our mood or how we're feeling at the time, whether it be feel-good chemicals from being happy or stress hormones from being anxious.
When it comes to positive versus negative thoughts, the big question is whether or not experiences and events that happen in life are intrinsically negative or positive.

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