13 Sunday A: Radicality of Discipleship

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*** Gospel reading: Matthew 10:37-42

Michel de Verteuil
General comments
According to the liturgical practice of our Church, when a teaching of Jesus is continued over several weeks, each Sunday’s reading begins with a reminder of the context. Today’s passage therefore begins, “Jesus instructed the twelve as follows”, or “Jesus said to his apostles”. This practice reminds us that in our Catholic tradition we always read the bible “historically” – with the awareness that each book, indeed each passage, was composed in a certain historical context and is also to be read in a historical context.


Look at this scenario!

*He stood up to preach in one of the daily weekday's evening Masses. The first thing he asked the congregation to do was to go ask someone "How was your day?".*

*Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each others back. Some even hugged themselves!

Awesome Series - Jun 2017

12 Sunday A: Do Not Be Afraid: Just Trust

Gospel  Text: Matthew 10:26-33
 Michel de Verteuil
General comments

With today’s passage we are still with the “continuous reading” of St Matthew’s gospel, although it is not strictly continuous since last week’s reading ended with verse 6 of chapter 10, and this week’s starts with verse 26 of the same chapter. Jesus is still in Galilee however, continuing to lay the foundation for his great work of transforming the ancestral religion of the Jews and eventually all religion.

Corpus Christi - Body and Blood of Christ

Understand the difference: Transubstantiation; Tran-signification; trans-finalization; Catholic belief in Real Presence and transubstantiation (Term from St. Thomas Aquinas).
Why bread and wine:
  1. Creator God is also the provider God, provide food and sustenance to the creation (also protector and the facilitator): in the desert: manna and water. Parents who bring up children have also similar responsibility.

This Web Site Five Years Old

Over 1500 Posts and 400,000 views today, this web site in five years is reaching out to many Christians across the world. I'm glad that the efforts are worth it even in my old age because of the encouragement of so many of you.

God bless you.

Holy Trinity - A

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The story is told of a priest sitting in an airport waiting for his flight. A fellow killing time struck up a conversation. Said he, "Father, I believe only what I can understand. So, I can't buy your Trinity. Perhaps you can explain it to me." The priest reluctantly put down The New York Times. "Do you see the sun out there?" "Yup." "OK, it's 80 million miles away from us right now. The rays coming through the window," said the priest, "are coming from the sun. The delightful heat we are enjoying on our bodies right now come from a combination of the sun and its rays. Do you understand that?" The fellow answered, "Sure,  padre." "The Trinity," the priest went on, "is like that. God the Father is that blazing sun. The Son is the rays He sends down to us. Then both combine to send us the Holy Spirit who is the heat. If you understand the workings of the sun, its rays, and heat, why do you have difficulty believing the Trinity?" The man said something about catching a flight and was off.