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Msg from a Resident of Mumbai: as Millions of Migrants Flee the city

Where will I go? 
For the last 2 days all my trusted soldiers - carpenter, fabricator, plumber, electrician, mason, auto driver, istriwala, have been leaving ... some with their families as well... somewhere I feel that Bombay wants them to leave, much like unwanted guests.

Prayer for Migrants

Blessed are You, Lord Jesus Christ.
You crossed every border between Divinity
and humanity to make your home with us.
Help us to welcome you in newcomers, migrants
and refugees.



O God,  You welcome all your children,
And embrace even the prodigal ones,
Help us open our hearts
And welcome all who come, searching
As our ancestors did,
For the promise of a new land, a new life.
Root out fear from our souls;
Help us form the words
"Sister" and "Brother"
As we greet the newcomers.
Let us remember that,
With your grace,
There are enough loaves and fishes
To go around
If we come together
As your family.         
Give us the courage
And the compassion
To respect the rights of all
In this country of abundance,
To embrace all in
The name of Your love.