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10 of Mother Teresa’s most inspirational quotes


A US bishop celebrates Mass at which relics of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta were on display in 2010 (CNS)

Quotes by Mother Teresa on love, peace and poverty

Mother Teresa: Another Story

     Many years ago during a flight from South America to Mexico City, the stewardess prepared to serve lunch to about fifty passengers. When she handed the sack lunch to Mother Teresa, the little nun asked her, “How much did this lunch cost the airline today?”
     Somewhat surprised, the stewardess thought for a moment, then replied, “About one dollar.”

Mother Teresa & Kapil Dev

By Kapil Dev
Like everyone else I, too, had heard of Mother Teresa but never met her till the very end of her life.
I wonder why. Some things have no explanation.

The Indian cricket team won the Prudential Cup in 1983. It was a great victory.
I was married to Romi, a Pakistani, and leading a life of  fulfilment.
But the happiness of having a child eluded us. Even 14 years after marriage, we remained childless.
We were written about in newspapers, and we appeared happy.
But no one saw one aspect of our life that had created a vacuum.

Song on Mother Teresa by Usha Uthup

Usha is going to sing two songs at the Canonization: One in the previous evening and the other during the liturgy. One would be in Bengali and the other in English. She would have probably the trademark large "bindi" on her forehead and a dozen or so bangles on her arms. The CM of Calcutta, the foreign Minister from Delhi are some of the governmental representatives for the function.

Mother Teresa Speaks to the Priests

Mother Teresa: To Everyone, everywhere: