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HCSH Museum Road

Museum Road Students’ Home: Life and Activities: 2011-12

 This year there are 11 students here at Museum Road along with the rector. We are all in our final year college and our sixth year of formation. We are drawn from the four southern states. Except for one, we all do arts subjects. We participate in many activities of the college and have won many prizes.
 On weekends, we take turns to go to the Railway Station to pick up abandoned or runway kids and bring them to the Don Bosco Mane. Two of us go to St. Theresa’s Church on Sundays to help with catechism, communion distribution, etc. This gives us some taste of our future ministry and inspiration to be faithful to our call. Another group goes to the Home for the Aged.This year we put up a mime at different places in Bangalore both to entertain and educate people on the overuse of cell phones.
We made sure to celebrate our regional identities and festivities and felicitate each of the regional groups on their state feast days as well as individuals on their birthdays.
 In October we had the social exposure programs at Krishnagiri and Palmaner. After that we had a three-day excursion to Kerala. We visited places of religious importance like Malayattoor and Palayoor (St. Thomas), Bharanaganam (St. Alphonsa), a replica of the Holy Land near Chalakudy, a Rosary Village (a picturesque depiction of the mysteries in so many languages), a boat ride in Kochi, an elephant farm (over 100 elephants in one place) near Guruvayoor, etc. We appreciated the hospitality of the CMC sisters, Fr. Luke’s brother, Aymanam community, Arokiaraj’s brothers who took us out to the Sea in their fishing boat in Kochi and Fr. Thampi’s sisters and nephews.
This year we tried to learn many skills to maintain our house. Among them were plumbing, masonry, painting, electrical and computer maintenance. Not once we called a repairman for anything but managed to fix doors, taps, electrical fittings, etc. 

We hosted several groups of Jesuit College students from across India as well as welcome our own fathers who came in for meetings or visiting. There were groups from Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, etc come in for excursions  Even when we had 40 guests at one time, no one complained about washing bed sheets and preparing beds and putting up with all the disturbances. We considered all of this as part of our training and formation.
When you come next time to Museum Road you will notice many changes in front of the house.
We think of the many fathers especially Fathers Chella and Shiju who came here regularly to celebrate mass, give talks and assist us with recollections, etc.
We ask your prayers as we come to the end of another phase in our journey that we may take the right decision for our future.

 Preetham Menezes