22 Sunday B - Liturgical Prayers

Greetings (see the Gospel)
Jesus our Lord has called us together
and he says to us today:
"Listen to me, all of you,
and try to understand."
May we hear his word
and put it into practice,
and may the Lord be always with you. R/ And also with you.

22 Sunday B - Purification Both Inside and Outside - Holiness


Michel DeVerteuil 
Textual Comments
Today’s passage contains several sayings of Jesus which are very well known; we must therefore make an effort to read the passage not as an abstract teaching but as a story, letting the message emerge from the interplay of characters.

20 Sunday B: Liturgical Prayers

God's wisdom has prepared his wine
and laid the table.
He invites us:
''Come and eat my bread,
drink the wine I have prepared!"
This is our Lord's invitation to us.
May we answer his invitation
and may he always be with you. R/ And also with you.

August 15: Assumption of Mary - Liturgical Prayers

Greeting     Glory and honor to our risen Lord, whose victory over death was shared first by her who was closest to him, his Mother, the Virgin Mary. May her Son, the Lord Jesus, be always with you. R/ And also with you.

Introduction by the Celebrant

Assumption of Mary - Aug 15 - Independence Day


O God, our creator, you have made this world out of love and gathered us together as one family. Today we wish to thank you for Mary whom you freed from earthly bondage into your heavenly glory. Today 71 years ago you freed our Mother Land from foreign occupation. We thank you for all that is beautiful in India that we are proud of. Bless every citizen of our country that s/he may work for peace, prosperity and true freedom. Strengthen our hands that we may truly build and not destroy hearts and hopes, homes and future for your children.

19 Sunday B - Liturgical Prayers

Greeting (see Second Reading)
As God’s beloved children,
follow Christ by loving as he loved you,
giving himself up
as a sacrifice to God.
May the Lord Jesus be always with you. R/ And also with you.

19 Sunday B: Living Bread

Michel DeVerteuil
Textual Comments
In this passage, Jesus again draws lessons about life from the feeding of the five thousand.
I remind you that all teaching of Jesus recorded in the gospels is intended to speak to experience, and we must therefore appeal to our experience to discover its truth. This can be difficult with passages like these: one reason is that the language is not the kind that we use ordinarily. Some expressions – such as “eternal life,” “being drawn by the Father,” “living bread,” “flesh” – you will have to bring down to earth for yourself, applying them to what you have lived yourself.

Transfiguration - Aug 6

Opening Stories:

1) The Samurai Warrior and the Zen Master 

One day, a Samurai warrior went to a Zen master for instruction. "Please," the huge man asked in a thundering voice that was used to instant obedience, "teach me about heaven and hell."
The master scowled at the swordsman, then broke into mocking laughter. "Me, teach you about heaven and hell? I wouldn't waste a moment trying to instruct the brain of an overweight ignoramus like you! How dare you ask me for such a lofty insight?"
Well, upon hearing these words, the Samurai grew furious. No one could insult him like this and get away with it. Enraged, his face flushed and he drew his sword to chop off the teacher's head. Just as he was about to strike, the master raised his hand and calmly said "That, sir, is hell."