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Mother Teresa & Kapil Dev

By Kapil Dev
Like everyone else I, too, had heard of Mother Teresa but never met her till the very end of her life.
I wonder why. Some things have no explanation.

The Indian cricket team won the Prudential Cup in 1983. It was a great victory.
I was married to Romi, a Pakistani, and leading a life of  fulfilment.
But the happiness of having a child eluded us. Even 14 years after marriage, we remained childless.
We were written about in newspapers, and we appeared happy.
But no one saw one aspect of our life that had created a vacuum.In 1995, we visited Kolkata for some work.
It was then that a friend of mine took us to meet Mother Teresa.
The friend introduced us to Mother. She appeared frail.
Despite her health issues, the meeting made us very happy.

Our friend informed Mother about the unhappiness in our life.
She blessed us and then said, “Do not worry, God is kind.”
I felt as if she would allow us to adopt a child from one of her orphanages.
She spoke in such a peaceful manner and kept saying that God would look into the matter.
I felt at peace.
Kapil Dev with wife Romi Dev and daughter Amiya Dev

Months passed and I forgot about the visit.
Suddenly, one day the same friend from Kolkata called.
She said that Mother had inquired about Romi.
I was happy because by then Romi was five months pregnant.
We had not informed Mother about her pregnancy.
I realised then that Mother must have inquired about Romi because she had knowledge of Romi’s pregnancy.

A growing feeling inside told me that the pregnancy was occasioned by Mother’s blessings.
It was a unique and spiritual experience.
Our daughter was born a few months after that.
I did not return to see Mother after her birth, but I always tell my friends that Mother knew all along of Romi’s pregnancy.
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Mother passed away a year later in 1997.
I am thankful that I got an opportunity to meet Mother and be blessed by her.
My daughter, Amiya, is a gift from Mother Teresa.

(Kapil Dev was captain of the Indian cricket team that won the World Cup in 1983)