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For Kerala Muslim man, Catholic priest brings the gift of life

Shaju Philip : Thiruvananthapuram

Fr  Sebastian (L), RASAD MUHAMMAD

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a year-and-a-half ago, 30-year-old Rasad Muhammad's hope of living had sunk with each passing day as a donor remained elusive. Until last month, when his saviour appeared suddenly — in the form of a Christian priest he had never met before.
Father Kidangathazhe Sebastian, 41, will donate one of his kidneys to Rasad so he can live. Preparations are under way, and the transplant surgery is likely to be performed next month.
February 25, 2013 was a unforgettable day for Rashad on which he met Father Sebastian in a bus to the hospital. Rasad had boarded a bus from Aluva to go to Kochi for his check-up. Fr Sebastian, who is associated with the Catholic Goodness TV, and who was then not wearing his cassock, was seated next to him.
"He looked very weak and burdened. He told me the story of his tragedy and his desperate search for a kidney donor," Fr Sebastian said. "I was seized of the pain of a life facing death. I made a cursory query about his blood group, which matched mine."
For the priest from Idukki, the fortuitous match held special significance. It signalled to him the end of his silent quest to practise what he had been preaching.
"Inspired by the story of Fr Davis Chiramel, who had donated one of his kidneys to a Hindu man in 2009, I had been longing to make the same sacrifice. Somewhere, I hoped, I would meet the deserving person. What mattered to me most was that the decision would save a life. I realised that the person seated beside me in the bus was the most deserving person,'' he said.
The following day, they went to the hospital to start the procedure for donation and transplant. The tests have been positive. "A few counseling sessions and a final nod from the medical board remain. In all probability, the transplant will take place within a month," said the priest.