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Vatican Dossier - Oct 17


FEATURE: Cardinal Schönborn Tells Zenit Why the Young People Loved John Paul II So Much

‘For us, he was a father’ …And because he truly loved them, he was also demanding, tells Archbishop of Vienna
Catholic Church

40th Anniversary of Election of Pope John Paul II Recalled by Former College Rector

‘A Sign of God’s Special Grace’
Development and Populations

Pope Francis’ Message for World Food Day 2018

‘Our actions are our future: A Zero Hunger world by 2030 is possible’

Matters India - Oct 17

Newsletter - October 17, 2018
Top Story

Sikkim awarded for becoming world’s first organic state

Rome, October 16, 2018: Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling has received the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Future Policy Gold Award. Presenting the award, FAO Deputy Director Maria Helena Semedo commended the Indian state ...Read more
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Vatican Dossier - Oct 16


FEATURE: Cardinal Napier’s ‘Dream for the Synod’; ‘All of Us Are Challenged to Reintroduce Jesus Back in Our Lives & Walk With Him’

African Prelate Also Underscores That Synod Will Only Have Effects If Priests at Parishes Are Able to Be Convinced That What Was Said in Rome Matters; Otherwise, Will Just Be Another Synod

Matters India - Oct 16

Newsletter - October 16, 2018
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Rape accused bishop Franco Mulakkal granted conditional bail

Kochi,  Oct 15 : Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was arrested on September 21 on charges of raping a nun from the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ) congregation, was granted bail on October 15. He had earlier ... Read more  
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UCAN News - Oct 16

Indian News
Rape-accused Bishop Mulakkal bailed
But he has to surrender his passport and not return to southern Kerala state except to report to police.Read more...

UCA Asia News - Oct 16

Catholic refugees caught up in Thai immigration crackdown hope Pope Francis can do what he did for Syrian refugees

UCA Asia News - Oct 15

But he has to surrender his passport and not return to southern Kerala state except to report to police

UCAN News - Oct 15

Indian News
Bible Quiz becomes popular in Hindi-speaking region
  The participants of Bible Writing testified that it was grace filled period in their lives, and never a tiring experience.

Mission Sunday - Oct 21, 2018

Is 53: 10-11; Heb 4: 14-16; Mark 10: 35-45
During the American Revolution, a man in civilian clothes rode past a group of soldiers who were busy pulling out a horse carriage stuck in deep mud. Their officer was shouting instructions to them while making no attempt to help. The stranger who witnessed the scene asked the officer why he wasn't helping. With great dignity, the officer replied, "Sir, I am a Corporal!" The stranger dismounted from his horse and proceeded to help the exhausted soldiers himself.

29 Sunday B: It's Not Where you Sit, but How you Serve ...

29th Sunday B from Padir Neylu
Last Sunday, we heard about discipleship. Today its about being a missionary.

1. In a world of stars and stripes, titles and accolades, we have been told what matters is not where you sit, but how you serve. Not what you know but how much you impart; not what you teach, but how much you tithe (give).
2. The breakfast you make early in the morning so the children and your spouse can go to work or school is a more sacred and admirable mission than that of the missionaries who go out into other lands.
3. Your example, your practice of faith and your presence is as much a witness and missionary activity as the preaching of the gospel to the gentiles.
4. The daily cup of sacrifice and hardship, thankless chores, patient endurance, silent tears and unspoken grief are all part of the price of being a disciple.
5. Today, we must make a choice from "working long and hard hours at jobs we hate in order to make money to buy things we don't need to please people we don't like" to balance work and life, faith and wellness and achievement and enjoyment.