Matters India - Aug 20

Newsletter – August 20, 2017
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Pakistan’s “Mother Teresa” given state funeral

Karachi: For the first time in Pakistan’s recent history, a Christian was honored with a state funeral.
Sister Doctor Ruth Katherine Martha Pfau, Pakistan’s “Mother Teresa,” was laid to rest on August 19 after she was …
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Rome Reports - Aug 20

ROME, 2017/08/19

 An app connecting people with parish life
A Catholic parish app that helps improve communication and parish outreach.
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Vatican Dossier - Aug 19

Jim Fair

Pope Condemns “Blind Violence” of Attack in Barcelona

Sends prayers, sympathy for those suffering to Card. Omella y Omella


Pope Appoints Special Envoy to Aparecida Events in October, 2017

Cardinal Re to Attend Third Centenary of Finding Statue

Rome Reorts - Aug 19

ROME, 2017/08/18

 What leads young people to commit acts of violence?
Former Diplomatic Representative to UN reveals the motives for the latest acts of violence.
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UCAN News - Aug 18

Indian News

Flooding in Bihar kills 40, displaces millions
Reports of death and destruction of houses are pouring in from various districts of the state. Read more...

Vatican Dossier - Aug 18

Jim Fair

Vatican Radio Reports US Bishops President’s Denunciation of Racism

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo speaks in wake of Charlottesville, VA violence

Anita Bourdin

Marriage of Blesseds Louis & Zelie Martin: A Jubilee for 160th Anniversary

Mobilization of the Shrine of Alencon, France


Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s New Book “Presence and Action of God Communion,” Published by Parole et Silence

Rome Reports - Aug 18

ROME, 2017/08/17

 Thailand: where the Church is mostly run by lay people
Catholics make up 0.2 percent of the Thai population and are known as the “mercy” people.
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UCAN News - Aug 17

Indian News

London NRIs flag President Kovind on rights violations

Matters India - Aug 17

Newsletter – August 17, 2017
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Police threaten to close South Asia’s first Salesian community radio

Media Matters reporter
New Delhi: The first Salesian community radio in South Asia faced the brunt of police crackdown on the ongoing agitation for a separate state for ethnic Gorkhali people in the Darjeeling Hills in …
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Vaticn Dossier - Aug 17


Holy Father Saddened by Mudslides in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Offers condolences: ‘Pope Francis prays for all who have died, and upon their grieving families and friends he invokes the divine blessings of strength and consolation’