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France: At least two killed in terrorist attack near Christmas market

Strasbourg, Dec 11 : French police are hunting for a gunman who shot two people dead and injured at least 12 others in a terror attack on Strasbourg’s celebrated Christmas market on Dec  11 evening. Residents ... Read more  
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UCAN News - Dec 12

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Catholics celebrate resignation of tainted Indian bishop
Firecrackers let off to mark the downfall of Andhra Pradesh prelate accused of having 'secret family'. Read more...

UCAN News - Dec 12

Indian News
Parishioners thwart police bid to take control of Kerala Church
  Top brass of the Jacobite church leadership including its supremo Catholicos Baselios Thomas I, when the action was taking outside, was praying inside the church.

UCA Asia News - Dec 12

Celebrations mark 60 years since church rose from ashes after destruction in World War Two

Advent 3 Sunday - Gaudate

Michel de Verteuil
General Comments

On the third Sunday of Advent St Luke gives us a glimpse into the personality of that wonderful person, John the Baptist. In your meditation, let him remind you of great people you have known.

Vatican Dossier - Dec 11

Pope and Holy See

Pope’s Appeal: Human Rights Must Be at Center, Do Not Fear Going Against the Grain

In Message to International Conference, Pontiff Makes Urgent Appeal to those with Institutional Responsibilities
Pope and Holy See

27th Meeting of Council of Cardinals In Progress

“C9” Continues Work of Curial Reform
Pope's Morning Homily

Santa Marta: Pope Encourages Christmas Preparation in Faith

‘Defend my Faith from Worldliness’

Matters India - Dec 11

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Pope accepts resignation of scandal-hit bishop

New Delhi, Dec 10, 2018: Pope Francis on December 10 accepted the resignation of Bishop Prasad Gallela of Cuddapah from the pastoral care of the diocese. Bishop Gallela was facing a criminal complaint for allegedly misappropriating ... Read more  
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The Dog that waited at the Road side where its Master was Killed

My MOM ....


1) My first restaurant => my mother's breast
2) My first toilet => my mother's laps
3) My first school => Mom's kitchen
4) My first teacher => my mother
5) My first doctor => it's my mom
6) My first thermometer => my mother's fingers
7) My first friend => it's my mom
 8) My first dresser => it's my mom
9) My first vehicle => my mom's back
10) My first lawyer => *it's my mom.

Thank you mom for all you did for giving me life

Long live to all mothers

A mother can easily maintain 6 children, but why is it difficult for 6 children to maintain a mother?

To all the moms of the world

UCAN News - Dec 10

Indian News
Jharkhand's move on tribal people vexes church leaders
  The state government plans to remove tribal status and benefits from people who join other faiths.