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UCAN News - May 22

Indian News
Caritas helps quake survivors turn lives around
Thousands of homes built for those who survived the 7.7-magnitude temblor that killed 21,000 people 17 years ago. Read more...

Rome Reports - May 22


Francisco: La juventud pasa pero el Espíritu

Holy Trinity Sunday - Liturgical Prayers

Greeting    The love of the Father,
    the forgiveness and life of the Son
    and the strength of the Holy Spirit
    be always with you. R/ And also with you.

Vatican Dossier from Zenit - May 22

UCAN Asia News - May 21

UCAN News - May 21

Indian News
Madhya Pradesh imposes slogan on state schools
National pride should develop naturally and not be forced, say critics.Read more...

Holy Trinity 2018

He recalled the husband, who said when he became a father, he better understood the Trinity. When he and his wife had their son, they had evidence of their love for each other. There was the lover, the beloved, and the love, each distinct and yet one.

Vatican Dossier - May 21


Pope Francis: ‘The Holy Spirit Changes Hearts’

‘He is the Divine Force that Changes the World’

Matters India - May 21

Newsletter – May 21, 2018
Top Story

Three Asians among 14 new cardinals

Vatican City: Three Asian prelates are among 14 new cardinals Pope Francis announced on May 21 in the Vatican.
Speaking to pilgrims and visitors at noon in St Peter’s Square, the Pope announced he would create …
Read more

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