Ash Wednesday: Prayers

Sent by Biju Thomas:



My dearest Lord, take my small offering of self-denial this Lent, as a sign of my great longing for you. I hunger for your presence in my life, and I thirst for your love. I hunger for justice for those who are wronged and oppressed, and I thirst for your peace. I hunger for a glimpse of your glory, and I thirst for your stillness in my heart. God of giving, God of longing, God of pain, I hunger for you.


 Dust and ashes touch our face,
Mark our failure and our falling.
Holy Spirit, come,
Walk with us tomorrow,
Take us as disciples,
Washed and wakened by your calling.
Take us by the hand and lead us,
Lead us through the desert sands.
Bring us living water.
Holy Spirit, come.


 Life-giving God, we thank you for creating us out of the dust of the earth, and breathing your life into us.
May these ashes be to us a sign that life is more than our physical bodies, and that our hope of eternal life depends, not on our merits, but on your mercy alone, to which we turn now, in sorrow for our sins, and with the trust of children. Amen