Bamboo Seeds and Faith

Bamboo Seeds

The Power of the Seed Theme: Faith is a powerful seed.

One of the strangest seeds in the world is the seed of the Chinese bamboo tree. It lies buried in the soil for five years before any seedling or sprout appears above ground. Think of it! Five years! All during these five years the seed must be cultivated, that is, watered and fertilized regularly. Now comes the big surprise.

When the bamboo seedling finally emerges from the ground, it grows to a height of nine feet in just six weeks. Why does the seedling take so long to emerge? Why does it grow so fast once it emerges? Plant experts say that during its first five years in the soil the bamboo seed is busy building an elaborate root system. It's this root system that enables it to grow nine feet in six weeks.

Application: Does our faith have deep roots? How can we know? What is our root system that nourishes us spiritually every day?