Lent Tuesday / wk 5 / mar 27

He began to cry ....

Jesus said of his Father, "I always
do what pleases him." John 8:29

Something was wrong in Keith
Miller's life. One day he got so
depressed that he drove off to a
secluded spot and began to cry
like a little boy. He looked up at the
sky and said, "God, if there's any--
thing your want in this stinking
soul, take it!" Suddenly, it dawned
on Keith that what God wants is
your will. That realization began a transformation in his life.
Ten years later he wrote: "God
wants your will; and if you give him
your will, he'll begin to show you
life as you've never seen it before."
As he sat there he continued to
cry, only now the tears were a
release of a lifetime of being
bound to himself. A Taste of New Wine

What keeps me from giving my
will over to God as completely
as I would like to?

With God, go over the sea--
without him, don't even go over
the threshold. Russian proverb