Good Friday Meditations

Good Friday Meditations by Ken Gardiner

This section contains four of the hour-long meditations and a three hour-long meditation which I have used over the years. One is based on the seven words from the cross, and others see the events of Good Friday through the eyes and thoughts of those who were there.

Group A

The cross imagined through the eyes of Peter, Mary the Mother of Jesus and every individual involved in this meditation.
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Group B

Three meditations on the verse:
And sitting down, they kept watch over him there. (Matt. 27:36)
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Group C

Identifying ourselves with those who were standing round the cross.
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Group D

Imagining the thoughts of Christ between his arrest and trial; The thoughts of Simon of Cyrene who carried the cross, Our own response.
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A 3 Hour Service

Meditations based on the seven words from the cross.
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