Confess and Say with faith....


God of JosephThe God of Joseph is my God:: He will bring me out from pit and prison into a palace

The God of Jabez


The God of Jabez is my God:: He will turn my misfortunes, curses and sorrows into fortune, blessings & joy

The God of Jacob

The God of Jacob is my God:: He will change me from being a deceiver and sinner into a beloved and saint


The God of PaulThe God of Paul is my God:: He will transform me from being a persecutor and blasphemer into a prophet and Apostle.

The God of PeterThe God of Peter is my God:: He will transform me from being a coward and denier to a bold witness of Jesus


The God of DanielThe God of Daniel is my God:: He will raise me from being a slave to being master


God of JobThe God of Job is my God:: He will restore all I have lost in double measure - Health, Family, Wealth, Honour...


God of DavidThe God of David is my God:: He will make me from a shepherd to be a king and help me recover lost territory.

God of SolomonThe God of Solomon is my God:: He will give me wisdom and understanding, through His Holy Spirit

God of MordecaiThe God of Mordecai is my God:: He will prepare a table for me in the sight of my enemies

The God of Nehemiah is my God:: He will give me grace, authority and favor to reclaim back all His cause and be a blessing

The God of EstherThe God of Esther is my God:: He will Make me from an orphan to a saving, ruling and blessing person

The God of RuthThe God of Ruth is my God:: He will make me from being an alien, outcast and illegitimate to being His adopted, beloved and welcomed inheritor

The God of Moses

The God of Moses is my God:: He will change me from being stammerer and wanderer to be His witness and bring many to the promised land.


God of ElijahThe God of Elijah is my God:: He will perform miracles for me and through me for others, that He be glorified, not me

The God of ElishaThe God of Elisha is my God:: He will anoint me double fold, to do miracles and bring honour to His Holy Name.


The God of HannahThe God of Hannah is my God:: He will bless me from being barren to being a parent of many children and caring for many more

The God of HezekiahThe God of Hezekiah is my God:: He will see my tears, hear my cry and heal my sickness and diseases, add years and quality to my life


The God of GideonThe God of Gideon is my God::He will make me a winner, with my enemies defeated. I will conquer and succeed, in-spite of my weaknesses


Powerful Words - Full of Blessings and Miracle Power!