Mothers' Day Resources

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Do you have your Mother's Day messages prepared? I wanted to share with you the links to some messages on that are great messages to share on Mother's Day.

Take a look...

The Faith Of Mothers
Reference: Exodus 2:1
Description: The modern mother is living a pressure-filled life. Most of you mothers this morning would say that you live day by day by day with a feeling, "Life is just about to overtake me. I feel overwhelmed."

Mother's Love and God's Love
Reference: 1 Corinthians 13:1
Description: There is a great comparison between the love of a mother and God's love for us.

Awesome Responsibility Of A Parent
Reference: Matthew 18:1
Description: We indeed respect your position of influence in our lives!

Bring Jesus Home With You
Reference: Mark 9:35
Description: Allow me to take a few minutes to help this certain breed of God's creation to understand the most important part of the blueprints of your home.

Parenting On Purpose
Reference: Judges 13:8
Description: The life of a young man or woman will be shot in some direction by a parent! That is why parenting must be proactive even aggressive at times.